New Souvenir: International EarthCache Day 2020!

How do you best prepare for an EarthCache outing? You planet!

Learn more about Earth and how it formed through history on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11, 2020 in celebration of International EarthCache day! Earn the official  souvenir for completing your research and receiving your smiley. 

A whole weekend dedicated to conducting experiments live in the field, making observations and hypotheses, or learning about what once existed. Whether it’s dinosaur footprints, the rock face of a mountain, or the Grand Canyon all non-Premium EarthCaches will be available in the Geocaching® app.

Megan is a morning person from New York who adores geocaching with her dog, Basil. When she's not loving her job as a Community Coordinator, she's probably frolicking somewhere in a grassy meadow.