Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) announcement for 2021

CITO 2021 Season 1

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. Since 2002, CITO has helped preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. In that time, there have been more than 502,000 logged attendances at more than 26,000 events where geocachers helped improve the outdoors.

Every time we CITO we work to create a better world. Whether we pick up trash at a park, plant trees, paint over graffiti, or build insect hotels for pollinators—we build community with our geocaching neighbors and we leave our incredible geocaching gameboard better off than how we found it.

Please note, as the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) situation is evolving rapidly around the world, we encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing how to participate in activities such as geocaching or CITO-ing. Your health and safety are the top priority.

This year’s CITO dates are:
CITO 2021, Season 1
Monday, March 1 through Tuesday, August 31, 2021

CITO 2021, Season 2
Wednesday, September 1 through Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How can I earn both CITO 2021 souvenirs?
To earn the CITO 2021, Season 1 and the CITO 2021, Season 2 souvenirs:

  • Attend or host any CITO event during each of the two seasons.
  • Remember—only one souvenir per season. But feel free to attend or host as many CITOs throughout the year as you wish.

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Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.