Five ways to get ready for your next geocaching outing

Have you been envisioning your next outdoor escape? Whether you aim to dedicate a whole weekend to caching or simply an afternoon, preparation is key for the ultimate geocaching outing. Put your daydreams on hold and use these five tips to get ready for your next geocaching outing right now.

FOGT: Find one, get two
Bet you haven’t heard of that acronym before! Something tells me it’s not going to catch on…but hopefully the idea of earning two souvenirs at once will! Beginning April 12, your geocaching outings could not only collect Wonders towards earning all six of the Wonders of the World souvenirs but you can also collect points on your Leaderboard for the Science of Discovery challenge.

Make a List, and check it twice, or…
At least remember to download it for offline use! Lists are a Premium member feature available in the Geocaching® app and on Add geocaches you plan to find to a List for easy organization. Just be sure to download it and switch to the Trails map type in the app! Here’s how to download a List:

  • Go to the My Lists section of the Geocaching® app.
  • Tap the ellipsis (…) next to the list that you want to download.
  • Select Download Offline Data.

Get by with a little help from your friends
Once you’ve planned which caches to find, see which of your geocaching buddies have already found the cache, too! This way you’ll know who you can call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache.

In the Geocaching® app when looking at the activity of a geocache, tap “Friends” to see which of yours has shared a log for that cache. On, click “View all logs”, then select “Your Friends’ Logs” to see only your friends’ logs.

Prepare your body
We all want to be at the top of our game when it comes to geocaching adventures, but for many of us, the past year wasn’t always conducive to an active lifestyle. Don’t worry, we have not one but two fitness programs to get you back into tip-top geocaching shape.

Prepare your mind
Geo-senses are skills that develop the more you geocache. The more you geocache the more you’ll become accustomed to seeing certain things that just might point you to the geocache. Take a few moments to hone your geo-senses before you head out.

How do you prepare for your next geocaching outing? From silly to serious, share your tips in the comments!