Cachers improve the outdoors

As seasoned geocachers know, taking care of the outdoor spaces where we geocache is an important part of the game we love so much. Geocachers are lucky enough to have a whole planet as their game board and they take their responsibility for maintaining and improving that game board seriously. Many cachers give back to the environment by practicing CITO habits and are enjoying an additional chance to improve the environment this year with the Locationless Cache, GC8NEAT. We at HQ had a feeling that geocachers would be excited about the GC8NEAT Locationless Cache, but we’ve been blown away by how many have taken part and how creative they have been with improving their environment. As of right now, over 23,000 cachers have logged GC8NEAT and geocachers around the world have hosted more than 1,400 CITO Events.

If you haven’t attended a CITO or logged GC8NEAT, there is still time to earn souvenirs for both. Cachers have until the end of 2021 to earn the GC8NEAT souvenir and until the end of November 2021 to earn the CITO 2021 Season 2 souvenir. Take a look at some of the ways geocachers have improved their environment so far in 2021 with GC8NEAT and CITO:

R. Tlhakie logged GC8NEAT after planting indigenous trees and shrubs in their city in South Africa. Image by R.Tlhalkie.

In Germany, Diddyhonda improved their environment by building a pollinator hotel and placing it on a wall outside their home. Now that’s an un-bee-lievably good idea for a GC8NEAT log. Image by Diddyhonda.

Geocachers in Japan put on their waders and gathered outdoors to clean up the Shirako River at the CITO Event GC9A3GZ. Image by Yukitaka.

In Queensland, Australia, geocachers at CITO Event GC98CZR worked tire-lessly to clean up local wetlands. Their efforts yielded quite a rubbish haul! Image by Captain Terror.

In Villach, Austria, cachers at GC9E595 got into the CITO spirit by removing non-native, invasive species. The cachers made sure not to leaf behind any of the plants they removed. Image by kiaw ³³.

Wheist swung into action and put petal to the metal for GC8NEAT by clearing an overgrown slope and planting colorful flowers on it. Image by Wheist.

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.