Transform your geocaching with the changing seasons

It’s a time of change right now: seasons, temperatures, landscapes. In the southern hemisphere, winter is making way for the abundance of spring and our northern hemisphere friends are entering the grounding season of autumn. So, why not join in this transformation and switch up your geocaching habits? From Adventures to improved search tools, here are three ways to join this season of transformation with geocaching. Which one will you try?

  1. Explore with Adventure Lab®
    Have you downloaded the Adventure Lab® app yet? Adventures take you on a contactless, socially distant scavenger hunt to unlock fun stories, solve puzzles, and explore new places. Plus, they add to your geocaching find count! Premium members have Adventure Lab pins right on their Geocaching® app map. Tapping on one of these pins will take you directly to that Adventure Location in the Adventure Lab app for an easy transition to a new way to explore with geocaching.

  2. Plan ahead with Advanced search
    We recently improved the geocache search filters on for a cohesive experience with a refreshed design. Now, geocachers like you can quickly apply relevant filters and get out geocaching. We like to use this search to plan our geocache outings ahead of time so no time is wasted once we hit the geo-trail! Here are five searches to get you started.

  3. Fill your Difficulty and Terrain grid
    Speaking of planning ahead, why not work to fill your Difficulty and Terrain grid? This grid features 81 squares for the 81 different Difficulty and Terrain combinations of geocaches. Premium members can use the handy “Fill in your grid” search from their Statistics on or the Difficulty/Terrain multi-select search in the app. Learn about three goals to challenge yourself with before the end of the year!

Are you switching up your geocaching in other ways? Share how the changing seasons transform your caching habits in the comments!