2022 is the Year of the Hide

We all know the game of geocaching cannot exist without geocaches. Some are older (almost historic) and beloved, but the game could not continue to flourish without new and refreshed cache hides. That is why Geocaching HQ invites you to celebrate 2022 as the Year of the Hide!

Throughout the year, we will dive deeper into all aspects of cache hiding. We’ll have blog posts on a wide range of cache ownership topics, as well as special projects to highlight and celebrate the cache hiders who create the worldwide gameboard of geocaching.

We also look forward to sharing stories of cachers and communities who are demonstrating unique and innovative methods of keeping the gameboard fresh. Look to Canada for one great example, the annual Vancouver Island Hide and Go Cache (HAG). Now in its eighteenth year, the project encourages cachers to review their existing hides to see if it’s time to replace those that lived a good life with something new, or archive so someone else can use the spot. Each HAG has a special theme (Phobias is the 2022 theme) with prizes in several categories such as Best Puzzle, Outstanding Series, and Best Camo/Container. More than 400 fun new caches were published in conjunction with HAG last year!

We realize it’s not always easy to decide if a cache has reached the end of its lifespan. For instance, many caches from the early 2000s are going strong (and provide fun opportunities to complete the Jasmer Challenge). Just because a cache is older or rarely found doesn’t necessarily mean it should be archived. But there might be one you own that most local geocachers have already found and the location is not frequented by tourists. It could be time to archive it and free up the area, or you might consider creating a new and improved cache!

When and how to refresh the gameboard is just one of many cache hiding topics we’ll invite you to discuss in 2022. How do you decide when it’s time to say goodbye to your cache? Does your local community organize to encourage new caches like geocachers on Vancouver Island? Share in the comments below!

Hopelessly addicted cacher and Geocaching HQ's public relations manager.