An illustration of a gadget cache attached to a fence. A plaque on it reads 2022, and the scroll is set to read Hider.

Year of the Hide: last chance to earn your 2022 hider souvenir 😱

Have you earned your 2022 Year of the Hide souvenir? Has your newest cache inspired awe and joy in every geocacher intrepid enough to log it? Have you helped the community refresh and revitalize the game board this year by hiding a cache of any kind this year?

If not, don’t worry! You still have until December 17th, 2022* to submit your Year of the Hide geocache for review, and earn yourself the 2022 hider souvenir!

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Wheelchair Accessibility while geocaching, an interview with reviewer Poltrona Polaris

In celebration of the Year of the Hide, Geocaching HQ is talking to geocachers far and wide about the delight of hiding geocaches and what to consider when placing your latest cache.

Geocachers come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of mobility. To recognize the beautiful diversity within the geocaching community, we spoke with Norwegian community volunteer reviewer Poltrona Polaris, who uses a wheelchair, to learn about the joys and challenges of geocaching in a wheelchair.

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Joys of Cache Ownership

2022 is the Year of the Hide, and we’ve spent the year sharing tips, checklists, and examples to prepare prospective cache owners to hide amazing geocaches in their neighborhoods! But what does being a cache owner really look like?

Being a cache owner doesn’t just stop with cache publication or maintenance. There’s so much more to experience, that we wanted to share just a few joys that you might experience as a cache owner!

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Creative caches: Underwater geocaches

One of the aspects of geocaching that never fails to impress us is the creativity of the global geocaching community. From planning cleverly themed-Events, to creating thrilling Mystery Caches, and more, geocachers are always enhancing the game with their imaginations and inventive ideas. In the spirit of the Year of the Hide, we’re highlighting the creativity of cache hiders, by calling attention to different genres of creative hides that go beyond the classic tupperware container. Read on and let these creative caches inspire your next hide! Continue reading →