Mark your calendars for Mega- and Giga-Events

Things are heating up in the world of Mega- and Giga-Events. Just this past weekend, the first Mega-Event of 2023 took place in Yuma, Arizona with over 350 Attended logs. Mega- and Giga-Events are gatherings of hundreds or thousands (Giga-Events) of geocachers where you can share geocaching tips and stories, make new friends, and take part in all kinds of geocaching fun.

Cachers at the Project Glück Auf 2022 Mega-Event. Image by Nils.

The schedules and activities of these gatherings vary from Event to Event, but if you’re passionate about geocaching, you’re sure to have a good time. Examples of the types of activities you can expect are meetings to discover, drop, and retrieve trackables, workshops where you can learn about creating special types of geocaches, or entertainment like live music.

Organizers of these Events put a lot of effort into making these memorable and enjoyable experiences, creating special Adventures and hiding caches near the Event location. Many Events also have special themes. For example, this year there are two different viking-themed Mega-Events in Germany and Norway, an astronomy-themed Mega-Event in Czechia, and a New Jersey-themed Mega-Event in the US just to name a few.

Visit this List created by Geocaching HQ to see all the upcoming Mega- and Giga-Events. Which Event will you attend?

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.