Dat interesseert me geen bal! — Geocache of the Week

by Josvstaalduinen
Gelderland, Netherlands
N 52° 23.105′ E 005° 49.819′

We know these geocaches pop up weekly, so what’s so interesting about this one? Maybe nothing at all, or perhaps something you would have never expected. We bet you won’t keep reading something that claims to be uninteresting, though. Look at you; you just read another sentence, so maybe it is interesting after all? To reward you, here’s another cache you may want to check out, the Geocache of the Week, GC9G0TB!

Welcome; we’re glad you’re here. We’ll let you in on a little secret, this is the most astounding cache, and it should interest you just like it interests us.

Located in Gelderland, Netherlands, geocachers can strike out in the best way possible. First, go to the posted parking coordinates and then take a short walk to GZ. This spot may appear to be completely normal, but with a closer inspection of the area, a curious wooden barrel catches your eye. How strange! The cache page said the container was a micro, so what does this have to do with the cache?

The lid opens easier than initially thought, but where is the cache? A rope is attached to the lid. The rope leads deep into the container; leaving without knowing what is down there would be terrible. With a slight tug on the rope, it appears way heavier than ever expected. Is there a bowling ball attached to the bottom? Try seven!

With hulk-like muscles, the seventh bowling ball emerges from the bottom of the hole, and confusion sinks in even deeper. But where’s the cache? Why are there seven bowling balls scattered in the woods? Finally, a petling cache container slips out of the last bowling ball and lands on the ground! Success, another cache found, and another smiley face on the map. Now check out this fantastic video of the cache below!

Video by @gc_scout4 on Instagram.

Have you ever found a cache like this before? It was more interesting than you thought, huh? 😉

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Mackenzie is a Senior Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest she loves finding new geocaches and exploring the area. You will typically find her out on the coast discovering new lighthouses.