Lackeys’ favorite caches

Geocachers choose their favorite finds for many different reasons. It might be the first cache you ever found, you were with a fun group of people, you spent hours trying to solve the puzzle to finally crack the code, or there was an interactive element to the cache that you weren’t expecting.

We’re highlighting just a few of HQ Lackeys’ favorite caches, why these caches still stand out to them to this day, and why they consider them Favorite point worthy.

Image by Vader&zoon.

trailcruising3’s favorite cache is Schinderhannes (GC23VXF) in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

Schinderhannes is not only a geocache but also a work of art. Located in the Hunsrück mountains of Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany, an impressive wood carving of the so-called German Robin Hood guards a drawer holding the cache container. It is clear that countless hours went into the creation of this cache. More than seven years after finding Schinderhannes, this geocache still remains a core memory of my time living in Germany.

Image by fantogaga.

gorgonoopsid’s favorite cache is Four Freedoms Park and Smallpox Hospital (GC95348) in New York, United States.

I didn’t expect to get much traditional caching done while on a trip to NYC, but I was surprised to see a sizable cache at one of the parks I had planned on visiting. I really enjoyed not just finding the cache but taking a moment to look at the log book and the various mementos left by the many previous visitors.

Image by Mikedawg360.

gamecoug’s favorite cache is Crossing Green Lake (GCJM5D) in Washington, United States.

This was one of the first caches I searched for when I became a Lackey and started caching every day. It took me about four months (and several helpful hints) to finally get the smiley face. However, the frustrating puzzle meant that the payoff was very satisfying.

Image by kzooOtters.

giacaches’ favorite cache is Driving Miss Daisy (GC6M65N) in North Dakota, United States.

There are lots of amazing caches in Gilby, North Dakota (aka Disneyland for geocachers), but this one stands out as extra unique! WOW WOW WOW times 100!

As we were solving it, all four of us were screaming and laughing with delight. At this cache, you find this strange contraption in an ammo can in rural North Dakota. The cache page suggests that she (Miss Daisy) likes to cruise around 40–50 mph, so you try a zillion ways to get it to work. Finally, you realize that you actually need to hold it out the window while driving (do this with a friend)!

Our hats off to Trycacheus for another ingenious hide! I wish I could give it ten Favorite points.

Image by Bavariashark67.

nykkole’s favorite cache is Wein & Spiele III: Der Klempner kommt (GC553NJ) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

You’re in a vineyard, and the signpost about the grapes opens like a gadget cache to reveal a homemade Game Boy™-like device. First, you have to play a simple game of Super Mario, running in (the game) to save the princess. Then you have to run along the vineyard lane in real life to find an NFC location and back again to properly save the princess and get the logbook. The mix of handicraft and technical gadgets, followed by the combination of game console and real-life action is amazing!

Image by deafguyj.

parker_pants’ favorite cache is Bug and Breakfast – TB Hotel (GC5CXNE) in Oregon, United States.

This cache is a wonderful combination of a number of things I love; geocaching, McMenamins, and creative structures. That’s all I will say— see it for yourself! 🙂

Image by Foreverlost1.

becoopify’s favorite cache is Anniversary: July 25th (GC90X28) in Washington, United States.

This cache left a big impression on me as one of my early finds. The cache is a birdhouse decorated with memories of a couple’s first date. As a new geocacher, I had no idea that a birdhouse could even be a cache container. So, when I looked around the trees and decided to skeptically take a look at the birdhouse, I was absolutely amazed by the creativity!

Image by worrellsquirrel.

worrellsquirrel’s favorite cache is Abacquer’s Aerie (GCNW3N) in Massachusetts, United States.

In the broadest sense, this cache is not necessarily unique. It’s an ammo can hidden at the top of a small mountain—a style of hide exemplified all over the world. However, the memories I associate with this cache are what make it my favorite. It was an unseasonably warm and clear day, and the view provided at GZ was spectacular. I had a great day with my brother; this find was just the cherry on top.

The ammo can is neatly tucked away in a crevice and is covered by a large stone. Removing the stone and uncovering the cache makes you feel like a true explorer!

Image by Captain_Cookie.

Captain_Cookie’s favorite cache is Eiffel TB Palace (GC80C9Q) in Île-de-France, France.

This cache is special for so many reasons. The GZ is across the River Seine from the Eiffel Tower, and the area is often flooded with tourists. When I found this cache, it felt like the cache owner guiding me to a secret world that only a local would think to visit! The cache was a postal box with trackables from all over the world. I’ve never felt more connected to the geocaching community than when I found this exceptional cache!

I met the cache owner in person during Canada’s first Giga Event, GeoWoodstock XVIII – GWXVIII, in August 2022. It was surreal to meet him and share my story in person!

Image by Love.

Love’s favorite cache is Rainier Summit Earthcache (GCPZBX) in Washington, United States.

As if the fact that this cache is on the top of an active volcano wasn’t cool enough, it was highly rewarding because I trained and prepared for six months to reach ground zero. I learned mountaineering skills, did lots of hiking in the months leading up, and tested my mental and physical ability over a two-day climb just to log the one smiley. Standing on top of the highest point in the state of Washington was truly one of my greatest life moments, and geocaching was the reason that encouraged me to go there.

This cache has been archived. I’m hoping someone will place another one on top of Mt. Rainier, and if not, maybe I’ll prepare again and place one myself!

As you can see, what makes a cache a “favorite” differs for each person. Whether it’s the craftsmanship of the container, a unique interactive piece, or an incredible view, every cache can leave a lasting memory on each geocacher that finds it. So don’t forget to show your favorite caches some appreciation with a lovely log and a Favorite point.

What’s your favorite geocache? We’d love to hear about it down below!

Mackenzie is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest she loves finding new geocaches and exploring the area. You will typically find her out on the coast discovering new lighthouses.