Renaming of maintenance log types

Cache maintenance is critical to a great geocaching experience. It’s important for cache owners to know when there may be a problem with their cache, so that they can take appropriate action. Community volunteer reviewers may also need to be made aware of important issues with geocaches.

That’s why, as part of the recently announced new geocaching and trackable logging flow, we have renamed log types that are used to report problems with caches in the Geocaching® app and on so that they more accurately reflect the intent of the logs.

Needs Maintenance is now Owner attention requested. When a player selects this log type, the cache owner is notified that there may be a problem with their cache.

Needs Archived is now Reviewer attention requested. When this log type is chosen, a geocaching community volunteer reviewer is notified that the cache may have a problem.

Situations when an Owner attention requested log is appropriate include:

  • Logbook is full
  • Logbook is too wet to sign
  • Container is damaged

Be sure to include details in your log so the cache owner can give the cache the attention it needs.

A Reviewer attention requested log may be used when:

  • Property owners, business owners, local authorities, or law enforcement expressed concern during your search for the cache.
  • Cache placement or searching for the cache damages the area or defaces property.
  • You couldn’t find the cache and it has several “Didn’t Find It (DNF)” or “Owner attention requested” logs on the cache page with no cache owner response.
  • Using this log type will not result in automatic archival of the cache, but the cache owner and local reviewer will be notified and may follow up.

These are not the correct log types to use if:

  • You just couldn’t find the cache — use a “Didn’t Find It (DNF)” log.
  • There is no pen in the cache — caches are not required to contain pens. Be sure to bring your own!
  • The cache location seems to be inappropriate — consider contacting the cache owner with your concerns.

Visit the Help Center for step-by-step instructions for using the correct logs to report a problem.

Using the correct log types to report problems with geocaches is an important way to help cache owners monitor their caches, and to keep the worldwide geocaching game board looking great!

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