Agent Triple Zero – Geocache Of The Week

by jillpit
N 49° 43.457 E 006° 23.608

Get ready, geo-agents!

You have been selected for a top-secret geocaching mission. Should you choose to accept, you will embark on a journey of mystery and intrigue. Solve the puzzles and complete each task to earn the title of “Agent Triple Zero.”

The assignment: infiltrate GZ, execute each stage of the Multi-Cache, and sign your code name on the log sheet. Remember, discretion (and a pen) are the greatest weapons.

Agent Triple Zero (GC6MA5F) is the creation of jillpit, a family of geocachers and masterminds behind many unique caches in Luxembourg. Since 2014, this team of elite operatives has earned more than 3000 favorite points for their creative caches. With each new cache, the team challenges themselves to raise the stakes to the next level. The family meticulously tests each task to ensure top-secret quality.

As “status quo” is not my device in life and I always struggle to improve things, I decided to build something more unique and more technical and electronical…” —Jillpit

Image by flevokrab.

Do you have what it takes to complete jillpit’s mission? Test your skills on Agent Triple Zero— an intricate web of espionage, intrigue, and fun awaits!

Start at the rendezvous point (parking area) to avoid suspicion from the locals. Bring all the suggested geo-gadgets or Tools of the Trade to help bring success to the mission.

Next, navigate to the first stage and begin the mission. Each stage is a high-stakes operation that will test all geo-skills— both mental and physical— from code breaking and solving riddles to coordination and marksmanship.

Stay sharp, agent; let the training and geo-instincts guide you through!

Image by mireille1410.

Mission accomplished! Complete the final stage to become the next “Agent Triple Zero” and earn a digital banner to add to your geocaching profile. Celebrate by signing the log book and checking out the SWAG left behind by other successful agents. You may just find a trackable with a mission of its own to complete.

Image by Fischrr.

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