Bonus Birthday party!—Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by riapat
Limburg, Belgium
N 51° 00.300 E 005° 36.164

With this geocache, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Geocache of the Week, Bonus Birthday party! (GC92KZH), gives you the chance to celebrate your birthday geocaching-style as you complete a series of caches to reach one final sweet surprise.

So blow out the candles and make a wish! If you wished for more geocaching, you’re in luck—there are plenty of birthday surprises ahead.

Image by Caard.

Cache owner riapat celebrated their 60th birthday in style: surrounded by friends, food, and plenty of geocaches! The result of their birthday bash was a series of ten Traditional Caches throughout the town of Limburg, leading to one big birthday surprise at GC92KZH.

This series may be birthday-themed, but cachers can find them year-round in sun, snow, and whatever weather the countryside might throw at them!

Image by franketmuriel.

While the journey may not be a piece of cake, the geocaches are! As you complete the ten-cache round, delight in the well-crafted desserts at each cache location.

Image by Caard.

We can’t mention these geocaches without a major disclaimer, though. You might be tempted by the delicious camouflage of some of these hides. You might even ask yourself, “Is it cake? Like, is it really cake?” As enticing as it might be to take a little nibble and find out, these cache cakes are for finding, not snacking!

Besides the confectionary containers at each cache location, you’ll also find information to help you search for a Bonus Birthday party! (GC92KZH). Be sure to write down the info at each stop so you’re well-prepared for the final location.

Image by Joska&AST.

If you’ve survived this far without accidentally eating a logbook, you’re on the right track. With all ten Traditional Caches located, it’s time to input the numbers found at each stop and navigate to our Mystery Cache surprise—and what a surprise it is!

The gadget cache found at GC92KZH will prove that birthday wishes really do come true. Celebrate by pushing the “Start” button to light the candles!

At long last, you can take your celebratory slice of cake and party hard by signing the logbook! Though the cache is a full-on birthday cake, logging this find is the sweetest victory of all.

Birthdays may come around once a year, but this cache is the find of a lifetime.

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