Cache Hiding Themes—May: sports and video games

Ready player one! This month’s theme is all about sports and games, and we’re feeling that team spirit!

Geocaching may be an outdoor game, but we know geocachers have other games they enjoy, whether that be on the field or on screen. You showed up with a competitive edge to highlight your favorite game-themed caches. Here are just a few hides that stood out as this month’s all-stars:

  1. GC74BT0—The Code

    Image by rauhrig.
    Image by Two2teps.

    This cache will bring about nostalgia for any geocacher who’s tried their hand at gaming. In addition to the sentimental construction reminiscent of 80s-era game controllers, The Code will have you reach back into your earliest gaming memories to unlock the cache’s secrets!

    Image by illestkay.
    Image by BeardedBishta.

    It’s on like Donkey Kong! We couldn’t resist highlighting this Geocache of the Week feature again—DONKEY KACHE brings the world of Mario to life as cachers must dodge debris in an effort to rescue “Princess Pauline.”

  3. GCAE84D—Elmer Fudd 2

    Image by Dirtybuffalo.
    Image by oakwilt.

    Disc shooting (or, in this case, potato shooting) is popular in some areas of the United States! No actual shots need to be fired for this creative cache, but you will need to “scope” out the code to unlock the cache and reach the logbook!

  4. GC552GR—Wein & Spiele I: Kapitänsgruß

    Image by fogg.

    Major throwback alert! This Pong-inspired gadget cache brings it back to one of the first-ever video games. Relive your favorite memories (and frustrations) by paddling your way to the logbook!

  5. GCAM6FM—Swing away, Merrill

    Image by Beafrog.

    Swing, batter, batter, swing! Take a trip to the ballpark with this home run of a geocache! This creative cache will not only take you to the baseball diamond, but will have you swinging your own bat with a clever cache container.

  6. GC7WWCY—Operation: Geocacher – Gadget Series
    Image by angelina39.
    Image by WatermanHQ.

    Steady… steady… BZZZ!

    For this infamous board game-themed cache, you’ll need a steady hand and your trusty tweezers. Carefully remove every piece (based on your favorite geocaching items!) to cure the patient and retrieve the logbook.

  7. GCAR0G3—Playing Doctor
    Images by tela42499.

    Great minds think alike, especially when it comes to great geocaches! Although based on the same family-favorite board game, Playing Doctor has a red herring or two that will mislead you during your operation. Will you find the correct logbook, or will you get the buzzer?

  8. GCAQCBB—NES TB HOTEL / ファミコンキャッシュ
    Images by _nokos_.

    We can’t get enough of the video game nostalgia! This NES-themed trackable hotel returns to Nintendo’s roots in Japan, complete with an actual controller from the 1980’s. Beat the game and level up your geocaching score by following the on-screen prompts!

    Image by likestocanoe.

    Beachopoly has it all! Take a stroll along the avenues and check out the details of this meticulously crafted cache. Complete with everything you need for a spirited game of Monopoly—including the sweet victory of passing GO and signing the logbook!

You really leveled up your game with this round of themed caches!

We think every cache should be featured in the Geocaching Hall of Fame, but these caches really stood out as some of the Most Valuable Players this month! We’re cheering on all you cache owners who have contributed to your geocaching community with a hide. Thanks for bringing the team spirit!

Next month’s theme is all about animals, and we want to hear you roar! Unleash the beast and submit your wildest cache by filling out this form.

Nikki is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Her specialties include making cheesy puns, talking endlessly about coffee, and being the only Californian who enjoys rain. She is passionate about geocaching and loves that it brings communities together.