SAULAINĀ STACIJA—Geocache of the Week

by AspaL
N 57° 04.555 E 024° 06.233

Welcome to Vecāķi!

SAULAINĀ STACIJA, or “Sunny Station,” takes visitors through a walking tour of historic Vecāķi, a beachside neighborhood of Latvia’s capital, Riga. Through this Multi-Cache tour, geocachers can compare pieces of history with the very same structures that still stand today.

Take a stroll back through time as we visit GCAG32D, SAULAINĀ STACIJA!

Philanthropist Augusts Dombrovskis had a hand in the development of Vecāķi.

The cache page preludes the tour of Vecāķi with an introduction to the neighborhood’s history. As a beachside location, Vecāķi soon attracted local businessmen who sought permission to build there in 1897. With newly constructed homes and even a swimming pool, this small fishing village was on its way to becoming the resort destination it is today!

Despite the relaxing location, this Multi-Cache will get you up and moving, whether you complete the ten stages by foot, bike, or car!

Image by Boksirol.

Once you’ve got your walking shoes on, it’s time to begin the tour. There are ten virtual stages to find, and no time to waste! You will need answers from each stage to complete the coordinates and find the final geocache location.

After embarking on the journey, it quickly becomes clear that the cache owner, AspaL, has done their research! The cache page is supplemented with historic photos of many of the stages that geocachers will visit.

Be sure to stop and compare the photos at each location. The summer house, “Villa Maria” (pictured below), may look different depending on the time of year, but the outside facade has undergone few changes since it was first built!

Villa Maria’s facade remains relatively unchanged since it was built.
Image by sarkangalvite.

The answers to each Multi-Cache stage should be relatively straightforward. The values will come from features of each location or their surroundings, so you’ll need to pay close attention to the details at each stop.

As you walk, piece together the bits of history from the cache page and watch them fall into place in front of you. Many might pass by these landmarks without realizing their significance, but the cache page details ensure no stone is left unturned.

Image by Boksirol.

Finally, with your tour complete and your knowledge of this neighborhood broadened, you’re ready to input the values you found and navigate to the cache container.

The final highlight of this Multi-Cache adventure is the surprise waiting for you inside the geocache. This gorgeous handmade logbook will ensure that this cache, much like the history of Vecāķi, is not easy to forget!

Image by Boksirol.

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