Things to know about reviewers

When a new geocache is submitted for publication on, it is reviewed by one of nearly 300 people around the world who volunteer their time on behalf of the global community. Community volunteer reviewers’ contribution to the game of geocaching is invaluable! However, many geocachers do not interact with reviewers until they hide a cache, so there may be confusion about what reviewers do and don’t do.

Reviewers are real people
In the AI era, it might be easy to assume that you’re communicating with a bot. Not the case on! A real human is reading and responding to you throughout the review process.

Reviewers are very experienced geocachers
Don’t be fooled if the reviewer’s account shows no finds or hides. Most reviewers create a new username to separate their volunteer role from their player account. They have typically found hundreds or thousands of geocaches, as well as hidden many of their own. They have a strong understanding of guidelines, local policies, and regulations. They also have great passion for the game!

New reviewers are generally identified in collaboration with the local and global reviewing teams based on a need in the area and each candidate’s skills and experience.

Reviewers do not personally visit geocache locations
It’s simply not possible for community volunteers to physically check your cache hide. That’s why it’s so important for cache owners to provide as much information as possible, including photos, during the review process. By describing your cache container, how it is hidden, and providing any necessary permission information, the review process can move more smoothly.

Reviewers ask questions
Whether you’re a new hider or you have hundreds of cache hides under your belt, you may be asked questions during the review. This is very common. Reviewer notes containing your communication are automatically removed from public view when a cache is published.

Reviewers want to publish your geocache
The easiest way to put a smile on a reviewer’s face is to read the Geocache hiding guidelines, as well as any applicable Regional geocaching policies. Understanding the guidelines and local policies goes a long way towards getting your geocache published!

Reviewers are volunteers
It bears repeating because, while reviewers aim to begin the reviewer process within seven days after a cache is submitted, there may be delays due to any number of factors. Please be patient and remember that reviewers are volunteering their time for the community. Also, be sure to confirm that you submitted your cache listing correctly, that it is not disabled, and that there is no Reviewer Note that requires follow-up from you.

Check our Help Center for a lot more information about submitting a cache and what to expect during the review. Are there other things you’ve always wanted to know about the review process? Share in the comments section for consideration for a future blog!

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