Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: Prada, y’all!

by The Stray Gatts
Texas, United States
N 30° 36.209′ W 104° 31.117′

🛍️ Get in, geocachers, we’re going shopping! 🛍️

Along a dusty desert highway stands an unexpected structure. Prada. Why would a Prada store be here, of all places? Come with us to find out! Strut back to “Prada, y’all!” a cache we displayed ten years ago and are browsing once more for this week’s Geocache of the Week (GC1W1KC).

Image by soratte.

Located in west Texas, along U.S. Route 90 just outside of Valentine, you’ll find Prada Marfa. As part of a pop architectural land art project, the artists Elmgreen & Dragset completed this artwork in October 2005. Designed to look like a Prada storefront, this structure displays two large windows and shelves of delicately displayed Prada heels and handbags.

Image by GuentherGal.

Geocaching and high heels don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but on today’s adventure, they do! At this unique tourist location, geocachers not only get to admire the unusual artwork but also hunt for a geocache.

While the geocache is not located on the building itself, the perfect place to hide it is just a short stroll away! This geocache blends in with its surroundings perfectly. Have you ever searched for a geocache among dozens of locks?

Image by Mr_Daiquiri.

The surrounding fence is covered in locks, and geocachers must locate the correct container to claim the smiley on this geocache. Pro tip: Start on one side and work your way to the other. You don’t want to get mixed up halfway through and have to start over.

Image by sillywillie.

Cha-ching! Shining brightly in the crowd of other locks and gadgets is the bison marked with the Official Geocache label! Shop ‘til you drop? How about geocache ’til you drop?

Since we originally published GC1W1KC as Geocache of the Week in February 2014, it has grown in popularity with nearly 900 finds. It has accumulated over 200 amazing photographs of the unique art piece and 200 Favorite points.

Image by LoneStarRider.

Before the shopping spree ends, don’t forget to take a picture of the landmark lost in time. What do Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, and middle-of-nowhere Texas have in common? The love of fashion and geocaching, of course! Where will the next shopping spree take you next?

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Mackenzie is a Senior Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest she loves finding new geocaches and exploring the area. You will typically find her out on the coast discovering new lighthouses.