It takes THREE — Geocache of the Week

by Bouncebounce
Washington, United States
N 47° 31.965′ W 122° 02.179′

Friends are great for laughing, building confidence, and helping to find geocaches. These are the foundations of any true friendship. While we all need a friend to lean on from time to time for a smiley, there are a few caches that require you to bring friends along.

For this geocache, it takes two.

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16.000 Favoritenpunkte in acht Jahren: Ein Interview mit TCapitano.

Wenn es um das Verstecken von Geocaches geht, ist TCapitano ein Meister seiner Klasse. Seine Geocaches sind in der deutschen Geocachingwelt berühmt und er hat tausende an Favoritenpunkten für sie gesammelt. Die Kreativität, die er in seine Geocaches steckt, versprechen Suchenden eine spannende Erfahrung. Bei einem seiner Caches, musst Du in die Pedale treten, bei einem anderen findest Du den lang verschollenen Schatz der Goonies. Zusammengenommen hat er sich 16.228 Favoritenpunkte für seine 20 Geocaches verdient.

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Author, dreamer, geocacher — Interview with Kat Kronenberg

Trackable fans know of her, children love her books, and dreamers dream bigger because of her. Kat Kronenberg is at the center of everything wholesome in our world. If you are not familiar with her, she is a best-selling and award-winning author who lives in Austin, Texas. Her two popular children’s books “Dream Big” and “Love Big” carry positive messages to children and adults alike. If this sounds familiar to you as a geocacher, it’s likely because of the two trackable promotions in recent years. Between her two campaigns, 2,600 trackables have been released and have travelled a cumulative 7 million miles  (11 million km) to 114 countries.

Kat chose to work with Geocaching HQ because she herself is a geocacher and has a connection to the community:

“The treasure hunt theme and community are why I decided to partner with Geocaching. I have to be true to my vision and if I am going to put any time and resources to building the vision of what my books are intended to be this was the place to do it. Mine started in Austin, Texas with the hope to make it to Africa. So far it has been to Hawaii and is in Canada now. AMAZING!”

The ups and downs of life are something Kat is intimately familiar with. Her story is inspirational, intriguing, and full of love. We interviewed Kat Kronenberg to share her amazing journey.


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Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ — Geocache of the Week

by IronManiacGLD
Location: Netherlands
N 51° 57.171′ E 006° 08.580′

“ATTENTION! Front yard cache!” is the first thing you see when checking the listing of

Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ in Loil, Netherlands. But this is no ordinary yard.

Cache owner IronManiacGLD has turned his front yard into an eclectic geocaching paradise full of birdhouses, tubes, padlocks, pulleys, and puzzle boxes. To initiate the Multi-Cache, locate and scan the first QR code. A message appears, “Welcome to Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ (front yard cache) in Loil. This is a really nice search for young and old geocachers to think through and complete! Do you accept the challenge?”

If you accept the challenge, keep reading about this Geocache of the Week!

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Padlocks, RFID chips, and secret briefcases: an interview with a geocaching maniac

Gelderland is an emerging region when it comes cache creation; gadget caches, puzzle boxes, large caches, you name it! One of the prominent geocache hiders from that region is IronManiacGLD. His hides range from padlocked birdhouses and RFID chips in puzzle boxes, to secret briefcases straight from a James Bond movie.

Many of these caches have a high percentage of Favorite points—not bad for a cacher who just started in 2017. These caches all have great attention to detail and a cerebral approach to them. IronManiacGLD is an expert in human behavior and specializes in lie detection. He says, one of the things that inspire him most are finding intricate field puzzles and thinking about how the cache owners thought through the process.

While we all aren’t experts in human behavior, there is one important thing to remember: everyone is capable of creating awe-inspiring geocaches, you just have to harness your creativity and not be afraid to ask for help!

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