New Souvenir for 2/22/22 – Deuces Wild!

Feelin’ lucky? A unique date like 2/22/22 doesn’t happen very often, let alone on a Twos-day!

With a date as rare as this, we’re feeling the luck and decided to double the fun with a new souvenir! Celebrate Deuces Wild by logging any two geocaches or Event Caches on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 to earn the souvenir.

Whether you decide to go out and find some caches with a friend, aim for twice as many finds as usual, or even just take double the snacks, we hope you make this rare day something to remember!

Some might say it’s ‘two’ wild, but we say follow your in-two-ition, double down on your geocaching, and maybe, if you play the cards just right, you can be a winner ‘two’!

Go wild!

New country souvenir, Cabo Verde, with Geocache of the Week: Pico Grande – Ilha do Fogo

by Twi’lekBug
Cabo Verde
N 14° 56.963 W 024° 20.415

Today, we released a new country/regional souvenir for Cabo Verde. If you have found a geocache in Cabo Verde, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Cabo Verde is a remote archipelago that lies to the east of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. The ten islands are home to an awe-inspiring blend of environments. The country features towering volcanoes, deep canyons, rippling sand dunes, forested mountains, golden beaches, and dry salt flats. The music is just as enchanting as its natural attractions. Cabo Verde is famous for Morna, its national music that beautifully incorporates dance, voice, and poetry.

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New country souvenir, Jamaica, with Geocache of the Week: Oyster Bay Jamaica!

by Team Mollymap
N 18° 29.326 W 077° 38.964

Today, we released a new country/regional souvenir for Jamaica. If you have found a geocache in Jamaica, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Jamaica, an island located in the Caribbean Sea, delights all five of the senses. Reggae, folk, and dancehall music provide an unforgettable soundtrack as the smell of spices and taste of fresh tropical fruits highlight Jamaica’s incredible musical and culinary traditions. The warm blue waters and famous beaches contrast with the Blue Mountains to the east. From the distance, a blue haze lingers over these mountains well-known for the coffee beans that grow there and the highest peak in Jamaica, Blue Mountain Peak.

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