Celebrate the evolution of geocaching with the Big Blue Switch souvenir!

Geocaching has evolved, and so have geocachers. On May 2nd, we’re celebrating the 17th anniversary of the birth of geocaching with a Big Blue Switch souvenir! Find any geocache or attend any event on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 and you’ll earn a new digital souvenir for your geocaching profile! 

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Nouveaux souvenirs de pays : c’est pour bientôt !

Avez vous planifié vos voyages pour 2017 ?

L’une des choses les plus cools avec le géocaching, c’est qu’il se joue tout autour du monde de tant de façons différentes. Pour fêter ça, nous allons créer cinq nouveaux souvenirs de pays chaque semaine dans les semaines à venir !

Si vous avez déjà trouvé une cache dans l’un de ces pays, vous recevrez automatiquement le souvenir sur votre profil. Les souvenirs actuellement disponibles peuvent être trouvés ici. Vous pouvez vérifier ceux que vous avez déjà gagnés en vérifiant vos Souvenirs sur Geocaching.com.

Restez à l’écoute pour l’annonce des premiers nouveaux souvenirs de pays dans la newsletter Géocaching de la semaine prochaine.


What’s the difference between geocaching souvenirs, badges, and trackable icons?

Souvenirs, badges, and icons are all virtual pieces of art for your profile to discover, display, and collect on your geocaching profile page. But each serves a different purpose, and they’re located on different parts of your profile. Let’s break it down:

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The Ghost of Unfound Caches needs help

A geocaching ghost story.

A Geocaching HQ visitor recently shared a chilling tale:

“I was hiking not too far from here when a ghostly spectre appeared. The transparent figure was chained to an ammo can.

‘Am I in the presence of a ghost?’ I asked. The ghost answered not, but pointed onward with its pen.

‘You are about to show me the geocaches I have not yet found — those cursed hides that haunt my sleep?’

The ghost inclined its head, as if to agree. Then a logbook appeared, seemingly conjured from thin air. In the logbook, these words were written:

Look upon me. I am the Ghost of Unfound Caches. I haunt the hides you have not found: the caches of your past you did not look for, those you searched for but DNF’d, and the caches you do not yet know exist.

Find them. Free me from these Haunted Hides.”

The Ghost of Unfound Caches needs our help.

October 29–31: Unlock the Haunted Hides souvenir.

Find a geocache or attend a geocaching event between October 29–31, 2016, to free the Ghost of Unfound Caches from its ghostly prison and unlock the Haunted Hides souvenir.

Night Caches are a great way to earn this ghostly souvenir. Learn more about Night Caches here.


Your Mission GC, Should You Choose To Accept It

Good morning, geocacher.

Recently, intelligence agents at GCHQ 47 intercepted a series of encoded messages from a highly classified source. We believe these messages include detailed instructions for securing three new geocaching souvenirs. However, our analysts have been unable to decipher their meaning.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves decoding these messages and securing these souvenirs for your Geocaching profile. Fair warning: This isn’t mission difficult. It’s Mission GC.

New intel suggests souvenirs will only be available for procurement on the following dates:

  • The window for securing Souvenir #1 is July 30-31, 2016.
  • The window for securing Souvenir #2 is August 13-14, 2016.
  • The window for securing Souvenir #3 is August 27-28, 2016.

Given the top secret nature of this mission, the encoded messages will be sent for analysis only to those with proper security clearance. Premium members will receive an email including the encoded message one week prior to each souvenir release. Decoding the message will unlock instructions for securing the next souvenir. The first encoded message will be sent to Premium members on July 22, 2016.

Instructions for unlocking the souvenirs will be made available to members of all security levels on the morning of each souvenir release. This information will be posted on all major GCHQ 47 channels (Geocaching.com, Geocaching® app, Facebook and Twitter).

As always, should you or any member of your team be caught by muggles, GCHQ 47 will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Good luck. The fate of the geocaching universe is in your preferred TOTT.

Visit the GCHQ 47 Help Center for further information.

ATTN: For a limited time only, you can acquire Mission GC swag. Click here to see the latest from Shop Geocaching.

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