2,9 millones de geocaches más tarde…

El 2 de septiembre, Geocaching.com cumple 16 años. Cuando se lanzó en 2000, la página web albergaba un total de 75 fichas de geocachés. Hoy, hay más de 2.9 millones de geocachés activos, así como miles de eventos de la comunidad y millones de rastreables.

Solo en 2016, esto es lo que habéis hecho realidad:

1,560,957 geocachers han encontrado al menos un geocaché
2,757,335 geocachés has sido registrados
374,674 nuevos geocachés se han colocado
23,449 eventos de Geocaching han tenido lugar
39,575 geocachers ayudaron a limpiar el planeta en eventos CITO

A todos vosotros geocachers: gracias por acompañarnos en este viaje.

Mira como era la página web.

2,9 millions de géocaches plus tard…

Le 2 septembre, Geocaching.com aura 16 ans. Quand il a été créé en 2000, le site internet recensait les descriptifs des 75 caches existantes. Aujourd’hui, il y a plus de 2,9 millions de géocaches actives référencées, ainsi que des milliers d’events et des millions d’objets voyageurs.

Rien qu’en 2016, voici ce que vous avez réalisé :

1 560 957 géocacheurs ont trouvé au moins une géocache
2 757 335 géocaches ont été découvertes
374 674 nouvelles géocaches ont été placées
23 449 events géocaching ont eu lieu
39 575 géocacheurs ont aidé à nettoyer la planète lors d’events CITO

À vous tous géocacheurs : Merci de nous avoir rejoints dans cette aventure.

Regardez à quoi ressemblait le site internet.

2,9 Millionen Geocaches später…

Am 2. September wird Geocaching.com 16 Jahre alt. Als die Website im Jahr 2000 gestartet wurde, waren gerade mal 75 Geocaches dort aufgeführt. Heute gibt es nicht nur mehr als 2,9 Millionen aktive Geocaches, sondern auch Tausende von Events und Millionen verschiedener Trackables.

Alleine im Jahr 2016 habt Ihr alle dies hier erreicht:

1.560.957 Geocacher haben mindestens einen Geocache gefunden.
2.757.335 Geocaches wurden geloggt.
374.674 neue Geocaches wurden veröffentlicht.
23.449 Geocaching-Events fanden statt.
39.575 Geocacher haben mit CITO Events geholfen, den Planeten ein Stück sauberer zu machen.

An alle Geocacher: Vielen Dank dass Ihr uns auf dieser Reise begleitet habt.

Schaue Dir hier an, wie die Webseite einmal ausgesehen hat.


16 Years Later

On March 24, 2009, Jon Stanley (username: Moun10Bike) stood on 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle, WA. He snapped a selfie before walking into the nondescript office across the street. It was Jon’s first day at a new job.

Jon’s first day at Geocaching HQ.

“I took a selfie — perhaps my first-ever — of me arriving at Groundspeak on my first day working here,” said Jon. “I was told I was employee #28.”

Jon had a long history with the game before joining the company behind Geocaching.com, now known as Geocaching HQ. He first met Founder Jeremy Irish in 2000. Over lunch, the two discussed software that Jon had provided for an early version of the website. “The community was small then and I was in the same geographic area,” Jon said. “So it was natural that we would end up getting together.”

Jeremy realized that Geocaching.com’s traffic would quickly outgrow the website he’d started as a hobby site. In 2000, he partnered with two co-workers, Elias Alvord and Bryan Roth, to start a new company. With the proceeds from selling 144 geocaching t-shirts, they began to scale the website to keep up with its growing audience. The three founders continued working at their day jobs while managing the website on the side.

Cathy Hornback (username: Prying Pandora) first met the founders when they spontaneously showed up at her Cache In, Trash Out® Event. “I almost peed my pants when they just showed up. No warning.”

Cathy with Geocaching.com Founder Jeremy Irish in 2006.

Today, Cathy wears multiple hats: player (she’s going on 15,000 finds), volunteer reviewer, and Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. “We exist because one guy had a crazy idea to hide a bucket of trinkets for other people to find with their newly accurate GPS receivers. Then another guy (Jeremy) had the gumption to build a website to list them all,” said Cathy.

Cathy first met Jon in 2005 while looking for the same geocache. Five years later, she joined him as an employee at Geocaching HQ. “We exist because of our community’s engagement,” Cathy said. “Without them, there would be nothing.”

Jon and Cathy were welcomed on their first days at Geocaching HQ by another long-time geocacher, Annie Love (username: Love). “I still pinch myself daily that I get to work here,” Annie said. “Geocaching was my hobby before I started working here and it’s a dream to get to do something I love for work. Sure, I sit at a desk most of the time, but getting to help people with this game for work is pretty awesome.”

Annie joined Geocaching HQ on January 29, 2007. “My first job was to work as the receptionist at the front desk, answer phone calls and emails about the game of geocaching.”

When Annie started, there were a dozen or so employees and 353,685 active geocaches. Today, Geocaching HQ has 74 employees and the website lists nearly 3 million geocaches hidden all over the world.

Annie, now Partner Programs Manager, said, “We really listen to our community. We might not be able to make everything to perfection overnight, but we definitely hear the wants and needs of the community and apply that directly to what we work on.”

June 28 2007
A company photo taken in June 2007, shortly after Annie and Jenn started.

A few months later, Jenn Seva (username: MissJenn) joined Geocaching HQ as employee #17, having previously served as a Community Volunteer Reviewer. “I started as a player of the game in 2001. I’m lucky enough to have combined my hobby and my livelihood without ruining either one of them.”

Now Senior Manager of Tourism and Travel, Jenn said, “Geocaching HQ is different than most other companies because we are made up of employees who want to be here. We want to delight our community and encourage people to go play outside. I don’t feel like just an insignificant cog in a giant wheel.”

Jon, Cathy and Annie feel similarly. “You only need to talk to the founders or any employee to see that we are passionate about the game and keeping people engaged with a fun and rewarding pastime for years to come,” said Jon. “While we may seem to move slow, it is not because of a lack of desire to improve things, only that we are a lot smaller than people know. I see our purpose to be good custodians of the game and provide the tools and means for people to have and share these experiences and adventures.”

Company pic 2015 summer
A company photo taken last summer.

Sixteen years later, Geocaching HQ remains a strong, independent organization on a mission to enable adventure, exploration, and discovery. We are led by our original founders and we have no outside investors or influences who would maximize profits at the expense of the game. 

Annie said, “The community creates the game. We want to create the best tools to play it.”

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GeoTours Now On Mobile!

We often hear geocachers say they love the game because they get to experience new places like a local. We love this about geocaching too.

We are excited to announce that GeoTours — custom collections of geocaches designed to introduce you to new locations — are now in the Geocaching® app! It’s easier than ever to explore the 60+ GeoTours currently available around the world.

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