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Extra Day, Extra Fun – Leap Day Weekend Only

Once every four years, Leap Day gives us one extra day of geocaching. We think that’s worth celebrating! Of course, we are marking the occasion with a new souvenir. Heck, there will even be two souvenirs.

But to adequately underscore the gravity of this day (seriously, people wait four years to have birthday cake), we’re upping the celebration. For this one special weekend only, all geocache types in the Geocaching Intro app (including all terrain and difficulty ratings) — usually available only to Premium members — will be available to everyone for free.

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Pretty exciting, right? We think so. To make the most of this once-in-four-years opportunity, we recommend you use the app to:

  • Find an EarthCache — You can send your answers to the cache owner directly from the app.
  • Challenge your mind — Try out a Mystery Cache or higher difficulty geocache. (Hint: If you’re stumped, message the cache owner for hints.)
  • Explore the outdoors — Hike to extraordinary vistas by finding a higher terrain rated geocache.
  • Go streaking — The geocaching kind, of course. Explore different elements of the game by finding a variety of geocaches.

Download the app for iPhone or Android.

How can I earn the Leap Day souvenirs?

The first souvenir can be earned February 27-29 by getting outside and finding any geocache (events excluded). The other souvenir can be earned on Leap Day itself — February 29 — only by attending a geocaching event.

How do I see all advanced geocaches for free?

Just open up the Geocaching Intro app for iPhone or Android during February 27-29! Advanced geocaches — usually available only to Premium members — will be unlocked for everyone. By logging a geocache, you’ll even earn the Leap Day weekend souvenir!

Will I be able to find Premium Member Only geocaches?

When a cache owner hides a geocache, they can opt to have their geocache only available to Premium members. We always respect this designation so Premium Member Only geocaches will not be unlocked during Leap Day. All other geocaches — including all geocache types, and terrain and difficulty ratings —  will be available to basic members to find and log in the app.

What is a souvenir? 

Souvenirs are digital awards you can earn by completing a specific geocaching achievement, like finding a geocache in a new country or finding a geocache on Leap Day. You can view the souvenirs you’ve earned on Geocaching.com and learn more about souvenirs in the Geocaching Help Center.

Not seeing unlocked geocaches in the Geocaching Intro app?

You should see advanced geocaches automatically unlocked for you in the Geocaching Intro app during February 27-29. If this is not the case, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the app. (Unlocked geocaches went out with the last release.)
  • If you have an outdated operating system, please update to the newest version. (We do not support anything older that iOS 8 or Android 4.1.)
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Hopefully one of those does the trick! If not, please contact us through Facebook, Twitter or the HelpCenter.


¡El blog de Geocaching tiene un nuevo aspecto!

En Geocaching HQ, todos los días nos inspiran historias de gente que ha descubierto que la aventura aún existe en el mundo real — historias de exploración de lo desconocido, de lanzamiento de un rastreable al espacio o de ver cómo un niño descubre el mundo por vez primera.

Una de las mejores partes de trabajar en HQ es compartir estas historias con todos vosotros. Por eso estamos encantados de anunciar que el blog de Geocaching tiene un nuevo aspecto — uno que esperamos que coincida con las historias extraordinarias que guarda.

Adelante. Compruébalo. Entonces, comparte con nosotros tus comentarios sobre tus mejores momentos de geocaching.


Le Blog de Géocaching a un Tout Nouveau Design !

Au Geocaching HQ, nous sommes inspirés tous les jours par les histoires de personnes qui ont découvert que l’aventure existe encore dans le monde réel — des histoires d’exploration de l’inconnu, d’envoi d’objets voyageurs dans l’espace ou de voir un enfant découvrir le monde pour la toute première fois.

Une des meilleures choses lorsqu’on travaille au HQ est de pouvoir partager ces histoires avec vous tous. C’est pourquoi nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que le blog de Géocaching a un nouveau design — que nous espérons correspondre aux extraordinaires histoires qu’il contient.

Allez-y. Allez le voir. Ensuite, partagez avec nous dans les commentaires vos meilleurs moments de géocaching.


Der Geocaching-Blog hat ein brandneues Design!

Hier im Geocaching HQ werden wir jeden Tag inspiriert durch Geschichten von Menschen, die entdecken, dass es im alltäglichen Leben immer noch Abenteuer gibt – Geschichten vom Entdecken des Unbekannten, von einem Trackable, dass ins All geschossen wurde und von Kindern, die zum ersten Mal die Welt erkunden.

Besonders große Freude bereitet es uns, diese Geschichten mit euch zu teilen. Deswegen freuen wir uns, das neue Design des Geocaching-Blogs anzukündigen – wir hoffen, dass das Design, die einzigartigen Geschichten, welche erzählt werden, widerspiegelt.

Los geht’s. Schau es Dir an. Und teile uns in den Kommentaren eine Deiner außergewöhnlichen Geocaching-Geschichten mit!

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The Geocaching Blog Has a Brand New Look!

Here at Geocaching HQ, we are inspired every day by stories from people who have discovered that adventure still exists in the real-world — stories of exploring the unknown, rocketing a trackable into space or seeing a child connect to the world for the very first time.

One of the best parts of working at HQ is getting to share these stories with all of you. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Geocaching Blog has a new look — one we hope matches the extraordinary stories it holds.

Here are some of our favorite geocaching stories from over the years (now with a fresh, new look!):

Behind the Scenes: My Travel Bug®’s Mission to Space


The World’s Oldest Unfound Geocache — Getting the FTF After 12 Years!

Canoeing in lovely weather.

Geocachers Find a Message in a Bottle from 1970. It says…

Message in a bottle dated July 7, 1970

A Powerful Father and Son Connection Through Geocaching

Tony's son 2.5

Geocacher Finds a Veteran’s Lost Dog Tag – 25 Years Later

Raymond's lost dog tags

Oldest Unfound Geocache in Europe… Found! (12 Years Later)

Fabio, one second after making history: Found!

What’s your most story-worthy geocaching moment? Tell us in the comments below.