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6 Tips for Hosting a GIFF Weekend Event


GIFF Weekend is on it’s way! From November 5-8, the reel of 16 finalist films from this year’s Geocaching International Film Festival will be played in living rooms, community halls, and even movie theaters around the world.

How to host your own GIFF Event

Find a GIFF Event near You

If your GIFF Weekend event has been published on Geocaching.com and you’ve submitted this form, it will be listed in this bookmark list if it’s been approved to receive the GIFF film reel. Once that’s done, check out these 6 tips on hosting a great GIFF movie night!

1. Test Your Equipment!
The Official 2015 GIFF Reel will become available on Monday, Nov. 2nd. If possible, test out the file on the equipment you will be using at your event. Nobody has fun at parties where there are technical difficulties.

2. Engage Your Attendees!
Geocachers go to events to meet other geocachers, share stories, and learn about the game. The GIFF films will certainly achieve these goals, but what is going to make your event special to those in attendance? Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a raffle with geocaching prizes
  • If a GIFF filmmaker is in attendance, invite them to do a Q&A after the screening about their creative process
  • Organize a vote and send the the winning filmmaker something special from your event
  • Wear a banana suit

3. To Announce (Or Not To Announce)?
“Welcome to this GIFF Weekend event! We’ve got 16 great films to watch today, but first, a joke: An ammo can, a bison tube, and a lock-n-lock walk into a bar…” Announcers or emcees can make or break an event. Know someone with the right voice, charisma, and quick-footed-thinking to pull it off? If so, send them a care package and a nicely-written note asking them to be a part of your event. If not, no worries. The GIFF reel includes slides with the title of each upcoming film, as well as a quick intro and outro animation.

4. Make Yourselves Comfortable
You could be hosting your GIFF Weekend event in the Colosseum (seriously, tell us if you are), but the guests who end up watching the show standing in the back for a whole hour aren’t going to care too much about the view. Make sure you provide adequate seating at your event or ask your guests to bring their own. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Bean bags, yoga mats, and mattresses are all good options. Large, fluffy, amiable dogs make for good backrests.

5. Let There Be Snacks
Research indicates that eating popcorn stimulates the part of the body that makes you want to eat more popcorn. As every completely objective third-party outsider would agree, popcorn is basically the best way a person can consume corn. It’s fairly healthy (sans globules of butter) and lends itself to being coated with herbs and spices. Want to make things interesting? Try sprinkling nutritional yeast on your popcorn for a cheesy yet surprisingly dairy-free flavor.

6. Know The Films
Here is the list of finalist films, geocacher names and countries they’re from, and order they screen in:

Florida, United States

Travel Bug Story
Québec, Canada

GeocahINg Xisto
Aveiro, Portugal

Cornwall, United Kingdom

12 Tips on Geocaching
Hanoi, Vietnam

Why We Geocache
California, United States

Geocaching Infomercial
Wyoming, United States

GCTransAlps – Aint No Mountain High Enough
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Geo-Caching Freak
Team Motherfarmer
British Columbia, Canada

Geocaching Adventure in Hakodate
Osaka, Japan

The Future of Geocaching
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Northampton, United Kingdom

Bucharest, Romania

Lat&Long Junkie and PigWig2
Queensland, Australia

Hoochie Coochie Man
Maltepe, Turkey

How to Geocache like a Ballerina
California, United States

What other tips do you have for GIFF Weekend event hosts? Share yours and we’ll add them to the list!


Geocaching Event Special Guest





Geocaching events tend to attract a pretty diverse audience, so you never know who you’re going to have an awesome interaction with. You could meet a newbie, a Geocaching HQ employee, or maybe even a famous celebrity! And no, we’re not talking about our very own Signal the frog…

Geocacher Casseill “spied out” a very special someone at a geocaching event in Ireland, leaving us feeling very envious. Here is her wonderful story.

“I had only recently started going to events (this was to be my fifth) but as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was one I definitely wanted to do. One – because I grew up around the area. Two – I’m starting to like these events – great people and great craic (as we say here). The weather looked a bit iffy the night before and it was dubious whether the ferryman would be sailing the next day. But, the day dawned bright and sunny and Sarah sent out word that it was “go, go, go”.

Dalkey Island is a small uninhabited Island – with a couple of ruins and the Martello Tower. It is normally a very quiet and peaceful place with stunning views. Once on the island we set off in groups to find the final of a Multi-Cache and a Traditional. Around this time, we heard a rumor that Pierce Brosnan was on the island and soon after – there he was in the flesh. A couple of the cachers got a photo with him – I hesitantly went over to him but was bid a good day very politely but quite firmly letting me know that he didn’t want to pose again. Which is absolutely fair enough. I’m sure he escaped to the island for a couple of hours looking for peace – not a horde of mad cachers.Ireland5

A while later, geo-chat and picnics finished so we started heading back for the return journey. Who followed us and waited in line behind us for the return journey? Only our celebratory of the day! This time he was very chatty and invited my children and self for a photo. We had a chat – he loves the area and I am from the area -so we had plenty to chat about.

His presence on the island added a lot of buzz to the event – which was already a huge success thanks to Sarah’s planning. Sarah has said she will make this an annual event – so we are all dying to see who she will organize to be on the island next year!!”

We can’t always promise there will be a celebrity in attendance, but geocaching events are a great way to meet new people and learn about the game. From July 3 – September 2, you can also earn a souvenir by attending any Geocaching Event (excluding CITO events).

Mr. Bond, we hope to see you at many more geocaching events to come. We’d also love to send you out on a geocaching mission to recover all the muggled caches out there.

Which celebrity would you love to see at a geocaching event?

Your Sneak Peek at Geocaching Block Party 2015


Get ready: Geocaching Block Party 2015 is right around the corner. Over the next few weeks, we’ll give you a small taste of the awesomeness you can expect when you’re here in Seattle, Washington. And never fear! You still have time to log your Will Attend.








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12 Tips for Hosting a Geocaching Event

Who doesn’t love a good party with great geocaching friends? Answer: No one.

Geocaching Events are a great way to meet the local geocaching community where everyone is oddly enough, just like you. Geocachers will designate a time and location to meet and discuss their favorite hobby. Geocaching events are fun, so always expect a good time!

Anyone can plan and host an event. Here are 12 tips and tricks to get you started on planning the best geo-bash around.

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How a Geocaching.com Co-Founder Found Geo-Love

unnamedSome people find much more than just cache containers when they’re introduced to geocaching. Geocachers may discover parks they never knew existed, the hidden history of their community or even the sting of stepping in poison ivy. But some geocachers wander into something else. They’re lucky enough to find the person they’ll spend the rest of their lives with.

It happens. It happened to one of the founders of Geocaching.com. Bryan Roth attended a geocaching event fourteen years ago. Fellow founder Jeremy Irish encouraged Bryan to attend.

Bryan says, “This was the first of [88] total geocaching events that I’ve attended so far. Jeremy had suggested that I attend and I figured it’d be a great opportunity to meet some members of the local geocaching community. I really didn’t know what to expect but, of course, that day has changed my life forever.”

What happened next may have been one of the very first cases of geo-love.  The event’s name was innocent enough. It was called Washington Geocaching Potluck & Quilting Bee.

Event in 2001 where Bryan and Hydee met (Hydee far left of picture)

Bryan’s “will attend” log read, “I will be there (with chocolates).” Bryan says he wasn’t fishing for love with those chocolates, “Not at all.  At the time, I don’t think I was even looking for a date. I was only thinking about meeting geocachers and getting more involved with the local community.”

But Bryan says he soon met a geocacher named Hydee and her son Dylan. He remembers his first thought, “Yeah [my first thought was]—she looks like trouble.  I was right, of course.  ;)”

She later told Bryan the chocolates helped cement her intuitions that he was the right person for her. She loves chocolate.

Jon Stanley, Moun10Bike, hosted the event where Hydee and Bryan first met. Jon says, “That event is actually where I first met Bryan. I didn’t know that the spark had been lit at that time, but I soon found out. Hydee and her friend CameraThyme kept referring to “AFM,” which stood for “Action Figure Man.” After a while I discovered that this was their code name for Bryan. Then, all became clear!”

The Roth’s 10 Year Anniversary geocoin

Hydee’s friend CameraThyme also played a key role. Bryan says, “Thanks to CameraThyme for letting me know that Hydee was single.”

Bryan and Hydee were eventually married. They’ll be celebrating their 15th anniversary of meeting in November 2016.

Jon says Bryan and Hydee are lucky, geo-love can be a rare commodity, “I attend a fair amount of events, though, and while I’ve heard of people meeting through them, Bryan and Hydee are the only ones I personally can name who linked up as the result of an event!”

But you never know. Attend a geocaching event before September 2nd this year, and you might come away with more than just your Meet Your Road Trip Crew souvenir—you could meet your own Geo-Love.

Can’t get enough geocaching love? Check out these sweet videos from the 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival.

[vsw id=”i14YiphCkfI” source=”youtube” width=”555″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

[vsw id=”z-ImnJ-2le0″ source=”youtube” width=”555″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

Do you know any geocaching love stories?