Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

Whether you’ve been geocaching for 20 minutes or 20 years, you’ve benefited from the efforts of dedicated geocaching volunteers. Nearly 400 community volunteers and thousands of cache owners and Event hosts give their time generously to help geocachers all over the world enjoy their favorite game.

Community volunteers include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers, forum moderators, and translators. They perform their roles solely for the love of the game and because they enjoy helping others. Volunteers are also those who create high quality geocaches to inspire others, bring their local community together for social events, and serve on the planning committees for Mega and Giga-Events. They beta-test new features from Geocaching HQ, are active within their local geocaching organizations, and host Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) Events to give back to the environment where we play our game.

On May 22 (and every day), take some time to thank and celebrate the volunteers that give of themselves every day to make the geocaching world turn. They put in a lot of effort for you!

These are a few ways to show support and appreciation for geocaching volunteers today and throughout the year:

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Get fit with GeoFit

Have you ever been beaten to an FTF?
Couldn’t get the ammo can unstuck out of the mud?
Couldn’t untwist a micro?

Become bigger faster and stronger with Geocaching’s GeoFit program. Based on years of research and rigorous testing (probably), our GeoFit program will give you the strength you need for success out in the field.

We target each of these areas with exercises to help train your body for these challenging geocaching situation and many more.

Don’t Quit. Get GeoFit.

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Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

Whether you’ve been part of the geocaching community for a long time or just recently found your first geocache, May 22 (and everyday!) is a great day to thank a volunteer. If you’ve found a cache, hidden a cache, used the forums, or used the Geocaching website or app in a language other than English, you’ve benefited from the amazing efforts of the community volunteers.

There are 400+ passionate and dedicated geocaching community members who volunteer behind the scenes. These include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers, translators, and moderators who keep the game in motion all over the world!

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Congratulations PodCacher on 600 episodes!

Since 2004 Sonny and Sandy have been geocaching together and traveling the world. What began as a first date became a hobby they would love and share together. A year and a half later the PodCacher podcast was born. Their charming personalities, engaging content, and consistency make the show entertaining for geocachers of all ages and levels of experience.

The podcast has grown to be the largest and most internationally-recognized geocaching audio show in the world. Earning nominations for “Best Produced Podcast” by the Podcast Awards and has been a featured podcast in Apple iTunes for many years.

As part of celebrating PodCacher’s milestone of 600 episodes, I interviewed Sonny and Sandy to learn more about how they got started and who they are outside of geocaching.

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