Creating connections and building community—interview with Marcellus Cadd

We first featured Marcellus Cadd (atreides_78723) in 2020 for his blog Geocaching While Black and his involvement in the geocaching community. We were inspired by his commitment to improve geocaching and his passion for the game. Since the last time we spoke, a lot has happened with Marcellus—more caches, more blogs, and even a featured article from NPR that highlighted him and his message. We wanted to check-in with him on this and more!

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Geocaching, tennis, and community building—Interview with Arnokovic

Sometimes we start amazing journeys without realizing it until after the fact. That’s exactly what happened to Arnokovic, a community volunteer translator and prolific geocache hider hailing from the north of France, when he found his first cache with a coworker back in 2009.

Since then, he has found over 50,000 caches and has hidden 168 of his own, including GC5552H (Eiffel Power, France’s most-Favorited geocache of all time). We sat down with Arnokovic himself to discuss his experiences geocaching, what it’s like to serve as a volunteer translator, and the various ways in which geocaching has come to impact his life.

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Adventures in geocaching and writing—interview with Marcellus Cadd of Geocaching While Black

Marcellus Cadd (atreides_78723) writes the blog Geocaching While Black. What started with finding a local cache turned into a passion for finding hidden treasures and writing about the experience of it all. We spoke to Marcellus about his geocaching adventures, what geocaching means to him, and what he hopes readers take away from his blog.

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It’s all in the details — Interview with cache owner mo pirate

Mo pirate started geocaching in 2007 after being introduced to it by his wife, Sho me da cache, and has been hooked ever since. He has an impressive number of finds, but as he told Geocaching HQ, making and placing caches is what keeps him engaged with the game. Over the years he has created and hidden 390 geocaches that have collectively gathered over 3300 Favorite points.

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A Recap: Interviews with cache owners in 2019

In 2019, we interviewed several creative cache owners to learn their secrets, seek their advice, and take a peek at their most beloved caches. We saw spy-like briefcases, intricate electrical wiring, 3D printed puzzle caches, a new take on CITO, and some of the most Favorited caches in the world. We’ve compiled them all with links to the original interviews for your viewing pleasure.

Who knows, there might be one near you!

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