Top 9 Geocaches of the Week 2021

Each week we highlight special geocaches from around the world—and what a year it’s been! We have seen an amazing variety of geocaches this year ranging from a well-engineered Multi-Cache hidden in Germany, a historic EarthCache on top of The Lion Mountain in Sri Lanka, an epic dive below the bright blue waters in the Cayman Islands, a bone-chilling 5/5 find on Snake Island in North Macedonia, and many other intriguing caches.

We took a look at which geocaches you liked most on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter and assembled a list of the top 9 to share. Tell us which geocaches you liked most!

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The Reach the Peak leaderboard resets on January 3

As December wraps up, geocachers around the world are finishing their ascent of Denali and heading south to Argentina and the tallest peak in South America, Aconcagua. For all who are still making their way up Denali, you have until the first Monday of the month, January 3, 2022 at noon UTC to earn both souvenirs for Denali. Then the Reach the Peak leaderboard will reset and we’ll head to Argentina to summit Aconcagua. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab® Spotlight: In the Footsteps of St Piran

Let’s set the scene. You’re walking down a footpath in the grassy dunes of England’s southwestern coast. The wind blows and clouds float across the sky as you arrive at your destination; the stony remains of a sixth century chapel established by an Irish monk. Are you an archeologist heading to a dig? No! You’re an adventurer ready to answer the question for the first Location of the Adventure, In the Footsteps of St Piran. Continue reading →

The Secret War Tunnel – Geocache of the Week

by The Cretan Runners
N 35° 22.111 E 024° 15.758

Have you ever found a geocache with secrets so mysterious they need to be guarded? How far would you go to uncover the mystery? The Island of Crete may be infamous for its elaborate labyrinths, but this tunnel near Kalivaki Beach has a view—and a secret—like no other. Gear up and prepare for a proper Grecian adventure with this Geocache of the Week: The Secret War Tunnel (GC44N13).

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