The Founders – Geocaching’s Lost & Found Video Premiere

Enjoy watching the first video in the Lost & Found series. We’re discovering the lost stories of geocaching. It’s our way to celebrate ten amazing years of family-friendly geocaching adventures.

“The Founders” video showcases the three innovators who launched Geocaching.com. Learn a little bit about Jeremy Irish, Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord.  Hear how the company started and where they hope the geocaching treasure hunt takes us all in the decades ahead.

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More Lost & Found videos will be released each week.  See a glimpse of what’s ahead in our Lost & Found Video Trailer.


Geocaching Caption Contest 3 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Entry, “Fly me to the moon…..Let me cache among the stars! Let me have a FTF …..on Jupiter and Mars!” – jenbut

This is the third installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. What foreign world does this cache exist?  “I never knew that this Utah cache was on the moon.”  You can do better.  The winner receives these barely coveted 10 Years! temporary tattoos.

You could win these barely coveted 10 Year! tattoos

Please include your geocaching username in all entries.  Winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

13 Lackeys voted last week to crown the winner of the second Geocaching Caption Contest.

Take a look at the post to see who won.

Good luck this week!

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Geocaching – More than Just Fancy Footwork

Train Travel = Geocaching

Here’s some (fairly) simple math.  Geocaching = Hiking.  Right?  Well, the answer is yes and no.  Welcome to the “new geocaching math.”

Besides foot travel there’s a few other modes of transportation that invite geocaching adventure; kayaking, hot air ballooning, off roading, and space travel aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.

All these means of transportation have been exploited to take geocaching to a new level  – or out of the atmosphere. But how about caching by train?  It’s how the savvy wild west pioneers would have geocached.  Now one of the finest examples of powering caching by train takes place, not in the wild west, but in Merry Old England.

Geocacher “Steve-e-b” brought his interests and talents to bare on the task.  He launched a website detailing geocaches around 94 stations around Birmingham, England.  You can use a drop down menu to access nearby caches for each of the stations.  Train + Geocaching = Adventure on a time table. How about that for using simple math to plan your next geocaching adventure?

Steve-e-b and I exchanged a couple of emails.  He says he never set out to merge train travel and geocaching, it’s just something that happened. “… so many of our first caches were found during shopping trips (or, as my wife would say, during “craftily planned trips designed to avoid shopping”). We always traveled into the city by train or bus, and so geocaching by train evolved from there.”

He says he hopes the map inspires those visiting or living in the West Midlands to plan a geocaching journey.

But what have I missed?  What other forms of travel combine so well with geocaching and possibly the shopping experience?


Grandpa Geocacher – Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

Bruce Alexander began geocaching three years ago, when he was 85.  See how geocaching unites three generations of his family and keeps Bruce active in his retirement.

Share the video with family and friends and aging adults searching for a fun way to explore, engage and stay active!

You can view all the Lost & Found videos, from a geocache in space to geocachers cleaning up the environment, here.


Going Too Far Behind the Scenes

I hope you’re blown away by the Lost & Found teaser video we posted in this blogging blast.  Literally, I hope hurricane force winds of amazement shifted you from your seat in jaw-dropping anticipation of what’s to come.  Ok. I’m just hearing this now. Alright.  This just in. Our lawyers say we’re not liable for any “shifting,” femoral breakage or injuries incurred while watching said video, or “hurricane force winds of amazement.”

Where were they when I almost snapped my femur on a shoot in Texas?

Now, traditional behind the scenes blogs may not take you to the moment before near-disaster or a pic of how  *not to win friends in Texas.  Here’s a little look (way too far) behind the scenes of our latest adventure shooting some of the stories you’ll see in the Lost and Found series.

These pics are just a sampling of our (mis)adventures.

Our videographer Reid interviewed Richard Garriott on the tower containing his YET-TO-BE-RELEASED cache.
A quick way to win over the locals in Texas? Drive a rental with New Jersey plates.
That's a picture of... my shirt. The significance? It's about a nano-second before I nearly fell off the tower at Richard Garriott's cache. But years of (below average) athletic conditioning kicked in and I righted myself with only a muffled shriek. I'd like to thank my High School tennis coach.

I wish they had geocaching class in my 5th grade. We had square dancing. Reid works the camera angles to capture kids learning topics like coordinates, distance calculations and fun. We later went outside geocaching.

There are 15 stories in the works right now with more added each week.  Hold onto your chair because we’re off to another round of Lost & Found shoots next week.   This time we’re headed to Colorado, bound for Denver and Fort Collins.  We’ll be in California after that.  Any ideas for great geocaching stories in either of those states? Let us know!