Experience geology on Mars and other planets without leaving Earth

In early December as the Perseverance Rover reached the halfway point on its journey to Mars, we introduced a new twist to EarthCaching, Planetary Geology on Earth. These EarthCaches take visitors to geological features on Earth that also exist on other planets. Since then, EarthCaches in this series have been appearing all over the world!

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International EarthCache celebration for 2018

International EarthCache celebration for 2018

Get ready to rock — International EarthCache celebration rolls during October. On Saturday, October 13, and Sunday, October 14, 2018, earn a new souvenir by getting outside, finding and then logging an EarthCache!

EarthCaches don’t have physical containers, but instead, bring you to a unique location and teach you a geological science lesson. Check out these ten stunning EarthCaches from around the world for inspiration.

During the International EarthCache Day celebration, this special geocache type will be available to all members in the Geocaching® app.* The app makes finding and logging EarthCaches easy. Just send your answers to the geocache owner via Message Center!

*Excludes specifically designated Premium member EarthCaches.

Ten stunning EarthCaches from around the world

Are you getting ready for International EarthCache Day 2019?

Log any EarthCache on Saturday, October 12 or Sunday, October 13, and earn the International EarthCache Day 2019 digital souvenir. EarthCaches bring you to unique locations and teach fascinating geological lessons about Planet Earth.

Need some inspiration? Here are ten stunning EarthCaches from around the world.

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Geysir (powerful hot spring) – Geocache of the Week

by Biggi_H
N 64° 18.746′ W 020° 18.042′

Iceland has set itself apart as a highly sought-after destination for EarthCache connoisseurs. One might say the overall beauty of the island, with its many geological marvels, makes it one big EarthCache. The most favorited EarthCache in Iceland makes for a spectacular sight, being an explosive choice for Geocache of the Week.

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Episode 13: EarthCaches

Mima Mounds is one of the subjects Cathy Hornback touches on in this episode of Inside Geocaching HQ.

In this episode, we catch up with Cathy Hornback, Geocaching HQ’s resident expert on EarthCaching. She has some great tips for creating a solid EarthCache, and also shares some history about how this cache type was first created.

You can listen to the episode via this page, or on iTunes or Google Play. If you use an aggregator to subscribe to podcasts, you can access the RSS feed here.

A full transcript is available here.