Pirates of the High Seas GeoTour (GT66)

Ahoy, geocachers! The lost treasure of pirate Captain Dominique Youx is in Florida’s panhandle and yours for the plundering. Travel from cache to cache and collect the pieces of Captain Youx’s map. Only when you have all nine can you determine where the final resting place of his treasure is and where your booty awaits; a rare geocoin considered to be part of the treasure itself. The Pirates of the High Seas GeoTour is off the hook fun for everyone. They even have pirate clothing at several cache locations so you can develop your pirate persona along the way.

Panama City Beach is known for, well, their beaches. Regarded as some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world right on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, it’s no wonder it was a hot spot for pirates and treasure—and the perfect spot for a GeoTour!

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