Spring cleaning for your caches

Here in the Northern Hemisphere ice is starting to thaw, birdsong floats through the air, and fragrant flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is on its way and we’re ready for the brighter days and longer cache outings the season brings. With the weather getting warmer, now is also a great time to check on your caches and do a little spring cleaning. Caches often need maintenance after the colder and wetter months. Follow our tips below to freshen up your cache and make it ready for a new season of “Found it” logs and Favorite points. Cachers in the Southern Hemisphere, who are entering autumn, can also follow these tips to make sure their caches are in good shape after a busy summer season. Continue reading →

How to pick a good geocache location

There’s not a lot that geocaching shares with the world of real estate, but there is one rule that experienced realtors and geocachers both swear by: Location is everything! A great hiding location can elevate a geocache from okay to outstanding and set the cache up to become a local favorite and destination for any visiting cacher. So how do you pick a great place for your cache? Excellent question. Read on for our top tips on how to pick a good hiding location. Continue reading →

Cache Hider Checklist

You’ve decided to create a new geocache. You’re excited, and you can’t wait to go out and hide it. Slow down, eager cacher. A little preparation before you go can make the difference between seeing your cache published quickly or having to start all over again.

Let’s go over a few things to check before, during, and after you hide your cache. Also, at the end of the blog post we’ve included a graphic you can save and print so you can have a physical checklist to set you up for hiding success. Continue reading →