Geocaching Caption Contest 5 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption, “I put the WAG in SWAG!!” – Sparknut

This is the fifth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. What caption would you write for this photo?  “Why is this swag barking at me?” You can do better. The photo you’re looking at now was submitted by a North Carolina, USA geocacher to the Geocaching.com Facebook page.  The geocacher who writes the winning caption receives these barely coveted 10 Years!  stickers.

You could win this Barely Coveted Prize

Please include your geocaching username in all entries.  The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

17 Lackeys voted in our last contest. It was our most popular Geocaching Caption Contest yet.  There were more than 200 entries.

See who won the barely coveted prize from last contest here.

  • rmelvillejones

    TFTC: Thanks For The Canine!

  • lionchaser

    “dont' forget to CIP(poo)O”


  • Timco-vt

    Why can't we keep it! i promise to take care of it!!!–timco-vt

  • Aroswellalien2700

    “Don't even THINK about it! I may look cute, but I have sharp little teeth!”

    ~Desert Trailblazers

  • Desert_Trailblazers

    “Don't even THINK about it! I may look cute, but I have sharp little teeth!

  • Gstiglitz

    Hey, I found it first!

  • Snurfy2k

    I would of signed the log…..but my dog ate it!

  • Snurfy2k

    Hint: Look under small forest creature.

  • Hansonlover

    I told you not to bring your GPS! I knew where I was going ALL along. 🙂

  • NonStopLoudBoys

    Awww! What a cute ammo box. NonStopLoudBoys

  • “Congratulations on being the first to find on my new cache, but I don't think there's any dog treats in there…..sorry”

    “Congratulations on being the first to find on my new cache, but I don't know if you can use the Dunkin Donuts first to find prize.”

    “ET….find cache.”

  • hippihiiri

    “You think this cache is cute?! Wait 'till you see the cache I made!”

  • vbpad

    The newest in anti-muggle technology show your GPSr or get licked to death!!

  • dopeyduck

    Nice ammo can decoy. Now if I could just get the log off its collar.

  • Amy Hansen

    A Bark in the Dark
    -Disco Queen Highness

  • Vkkesu

    T-gps L-puppy


  • WaterDragonEye

    Grrr! It's mine now! Mommy can I keep it? It followed me home.

  • Derek Sweet

    No food, no drugs, and definitely no small pets! dmsstonerambler

  • PokemonNoBaka

    Sorry momma I found it furst so I get to pick this time!


  • webscouter.

    Just because you have hamsters in here doesn't mean you can train me to find them for you. – Webscouter.

  • Coman123

    The Rules say, No perishable Swag
    Is Puppies Perishable?

  • HumptyDump

    Who needs Lassie, I can find anything.

  • Boo 2

    Who needs a GPSR I got the nose.

  • Okay, I found the cache. Now would you please give me the doggie treat you promised?
    (geocaching name: brovie)

  • Loby

    love guis!!!

  • jpackerzta

    oh boy, my first cache. you can no longer refer to me as a muttle.


  • RhinoWarrior

    I wish my owner would learn how to use her own G.P.S. so I could stay home and sleep on the couch.

  • ScarletWitch

    It's mine, I found it!

  • crs98

    Vanna shows off the loot that was placed inside GCX23JH, “Pooch in the Box”.

  • Matt Vonesh

    (matvonesh) Hellen hired a guard dog because she was having problems with muggles stealing her geocache. They stole the guard dog instead…

  • “I know it says, PLEASE DON'T REMOVE.” But finders, Keepers. It's Mine! ~Daaz89

  • “I found it. It's Mine. IT's MINE!” ~Daaz89

  • I really had to LOL with this one. My family is just getting into geocaching. We just purchased a Geocaching Kit, and nice new log book. Well we also have a new addition to our family “Lilly” a Great Dane born on 12/31/09. Our nice new log book has been sitting on kitchen counter top since the end of March. Funny the dog did not eat the bread that was on the counter, but she did chew the log book. Now our book has character!

  • Boo 2

    who needs a GPS, I got the nose.

  • Team Gawfer

    That FTF Prize is mine, so back off!

  • streamertyer

    Tupperware Hounds must also be trained to detect metal.

  • streamertyer

    Travel Bug Dog Tag

  • streamertyer

    Man, McDonald's toys are WAY better than when I was a kid!

  • Redisant Kitten

    Will cache for treats

  • spiceit

    Pull Cord to open Cache

  • Coman123

    Garmins new

  • Bigfox

    Someone did not close the lid tight, and it crawled out.

  • RE: Your PS – You never know how the Lackeys will vote. There were some hilarious captions. Thanks for yours!

  • Luv2flyfsh

    Oh, am I glad you found this cache quickly. I really had to go! TFTR (Thanks For The Relief)

  • This Geocaching Caption Contest is closed. Please try your wit and wisdom by writing a caption for the latest contest. Thanks for playing!

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