Geocaching Caption Contest 10 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “The pain was made worse when a voice from below shouted, ‘Found it!'” – KBLAST

This is the tenth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  This picture was posted to Geocaching.com’s Facebook page by a German geocacher.  It was too good not to share here on the Latitude 47 blog.

What caption would you write? “Additional logging requirements (always optional), Sing Soprano.” You can do better.

Barely coveted prize

The winner receives this barely coveted prize. The patch celebrates 10 years of geocaching.  As a bonus, I can vouch that the patch comes directly from the office of Groundspeak Co-Founder and Vice President Bryan Roth.

Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner of Geocaching Caption Contest 10 will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

15 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the ninth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.  Take a look at the Latitude 47 blog post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

  • Ellemmiire

    Does this branch make my my butt look big?

  • Up a tree without a pen.

  • haleyrebekah

    The GPS says says I'm right on top of it!

  • mountieal

    Attribute: Tree goose

  • Bredharb27

    Sure, I had to climb a tree, and yes I had branches stuck in places tree branches should never see….but all that matters is I found the cache!!


    The pain was made worse when a voice from below shouted, “Found it!”


  • With one unfortunate slip by Bob, the Tchaikovsky themed Cache suddenly became ironically amusing for those on the ground below. — Nytshaed

  • Pippamer

    This log's got a crack on it!

  • fheil

    Now where did I put that pen?

  • Retrorambler

    The Ents retaliate!

  • Retrorambler

    You're nuts if you think its in a cone!

  • Smith

    I hope I don't split my pants!

  • irisisleuk

    This is not a spoiler photo………it was the wrong tree!



    One smiley face, and one that-hurt-like-nothing-I-have-felt-before face (dougswass)

  • goosefraba1

    Is this really how you trip the container-opening lever? -Goosefraba1

  • Wolfmanrobby

    In Soviet Russia, Tree's pick your nuts!

  • What do you mean the cache isn't up here?!? It took 20 minutes to get up here.


  • crs98

    Terrain 1.5, my *ss!!

  • stevenwdm

    In hindsight maybe a difficulty level 1 terrian level 1 geocache should not be this hard to find. (stevenwdm)

  • stevenwdm

    Now you tell me that GPS receivers may not be accurate in a forest. (stevenwdm)

  • Iscandar

    I think I just figured out why they call this a terrain 2….


  • Jynxybabe

    I guess I should have performed maintenance sooner..it was just a sapling when I placed this cache.

  • David Way

    I'm getting to old for this S!%T (Rip)

  • Jadestep

    Did the hint say “in the crotch of the tree” or “in the tree in your crotch”?

  • aussie-O's

    No, It's not up there!

  • dopeyduck

    I think you're barking up the wrong tree. My GPS still shows 20 feet.

  • quantum hunters?

    Honey where did you say 0 0 was?(quantum hunters)

  • Sarahdianecooper

    it's been squirelled dam it! they are as bad as muggels opening these caches

  • C_Whalen

    “Sweetie, did you know there was a 'cup required' under attributes?”

  • *Hoosier*

    Freeze! Muggles approaching. Look Natural!

  • trodman

    This was a 2/1?

  • frizz

    Okay, the cache page lists this one as a difficulty 2, terrain tree!

  • j_appleseed

    Meth… NOT EVEN ONCE!

  • Tiggy00

    I think I dropped something <tiggy00>

  • Susan Bashford

    ooooooh, Is this what it's like to wear a thong ? mytwoboys Canada

  • baggy_blackhams

    “It says the final stage of the multi is at the base of this tree.”

  • Backwoodshunter

    “Drats, I hate these micros in the woods!” Backwoodshunter

  • inchyjworm

    some twigs and berrys were harmed in the hunting for this cache. (OUCH!)

  • inchyjworm

    some twigs and berrys were harmed in the hunting for this cache . (OUCH!)

  • Jas_mich

    The bear may take me, but he'll never take my geocache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W3Thr33

  • GeoJervis

    Now that's what I call “Branching Out”

  • GeoBlank

    I was just following the arrow!

  • authorized users

    Additional Hint: (Decrypt)

    Qba'g whfg npg yvxr gur gerr, OR gur gerr!

  • Jturriff

    some twigs and berrys were harmed in the hunting for this cache . (OUCH!) – inchyjworm p.s. the first entry i did does NOT have the right e-mail .

  • Al_grtdane

    GEO, NOT Ariel cache!

  • catnaround

    “Ooh, this is gonna leave a mark!”

  • Copman612

    “And people say I'm not a dedicated geocacher! Uh oh…..where's the nearest bathroom?”

  • bral55


  • roadwanderer

    Geocaching cracks me up!!

  • Norvalmorgan

    Dedicated, determined, did not find.