Geocaching Caption Contest 13 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: If you hold it to your ear you can hear all the screams from the frustrated FTFs.- Oakfire

Your vote helps decide who takes home the barely coveted prize.  Read the captions.  “Like” the one you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, tell (bribe) friends and strangers to vote for you.  Lackeys will then vote on the top captions to crown the winner of this Geocaching Caption Contest.

This is the thirteenth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.   The photo captures the joy (and more likely frustration) of finding a micro cache.  What caption would you write? “Does the snail get the FTF?.” You can do better than that.

The winner receives a barely coveted prize of a single Cache In Trash Out pin.

Barely coveted prize

Good luck!

Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

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21 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the twelfth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.

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  • fyao

    “Scientists modify DNA of lowly garden snail to leave a trail of log sheets”

  • Hbmamag

    A sHELL of a Nano

  • fivebales

    Seek and ye shell find.

  • TheRealBenSmith

    Excuse me…waiter!…there’s a microcache in my escargot…

  • Haiwatta

    New form of travel bug invented…

  • moorsey

    Now, did the log go in the nano and the nano in the shell, or did the log go in the shell and the shell in the nano, wait….


  • Daibach98

    Should I log this find by snail mail ?

  • DragonsWest

    Waiter, there’s a cache in my escargot!

  • Photogeek59

    Geocaching is not a shell game.

  • Trckey2

    Geocaching, Everyone does it!!

  • Anonymous

    Long fingernails: getting logs out of nanocaches since before tweezers were invented.

  • Innerfrenzy

    Scientist have discovered that the elusive nano sheds it’s shell every year and goes in search of a larger one.

  • So the clue said “in a shell”, but then he went and hid it on the beach.

  • River85

    Geocachings answer to Escargot

  • jadefalcon

    The brown paint sure didn’t help camo the nano in a white shell…

  • MlKE

    New from Apple – the iPalm Nano in a shell.

  • (Spongebob) Gary! Noooooooooooooooooo!
    (Gary) Meow!

  • Bobgava

    Woolenstgeos – ESCAR-Got-US

  • Pattymel

    Escachego, kind of hard to digest, tastes like chicken?

  • sticktoits

    Sought by many, but shelldom found!

  • sticktoits

    Shell over that cache you rascally muggle!

  • bumanfam

    Shell, yeah I found that li’l bugger!

  • Saz&Atom

    These specially engineered snails leave waypoints instead of slime trails.

  • Team Pilaris

    Updating the nanos coordinates every 6 months turned out to be the most annoying part of this cache.

  • SaltercreaseRangers

    “and in 30 seconds with just this shell, MacGyver will create the perfect nano log rolling tool”

  • SaltercreaseRangers

    “Now declassified, GroundSpeak Scientists reveal the results from the official archive of some of their earliest research into Travelling Caches”

  • SaltercreaseRangers

    “Groundspeak’s CSI Lacky discovers evidence of genetic cache experiments”

  • Oakfire

    If you hold it to your ear you can hear all the screams from the frustrated FTFs.

  • After several hours of painful frustration the snail was horrified by the quality of toilet paper available…

  • mhm39

    Crap! Left my pen at home.

  • gui look

    I dint know snails turned into a log book when they get old!

    Gui look

  • gui look

    The shell didn’t fit in the cache but the cache fit in the shel…

    Gui look

  • CanuckSkier

    Using their Geoskills, the cachers were led to this one when they saw the trail of slime.

  • Registered Maine Gde

    Registered Maine Gde – Unlike a growing hermit crab this cache has not outgrown its shell!

  • prestonsfolk

    “The slow pace of finding a nanocache”


  • Inchyjworm

    I put HTF on the log instead of FTF!

  • birdicus

    It took me like a week to finally get the log out and no pen! Guess I’ll just have to slime my name this time.

  • Muskox444

    Seek and ye shell find…sometimes
    The Muskox

  • Colehill Pioneers

    Yes, finaly my first Geocache! AAAAAA Muggle!!!!!
    Colehill Pioneers

  • smokyhills

    A micro in hand is worth a shell in the bush

  • Fyrezque

    Day 1 Log Entry: Please recheck your coordinates, they seem to be off by 10 feet..
    Day 2 Log Entry: Please recheck your coordinates, they seem to be off by 30 feet..
    Day 3 Log Entry: Please recheck your coordinates, they seem to be off by 50 feet..
    Day 4……………………………………….

  • Fyrezque

    Some caches are hard to find, and some just conche you in the face!

  • LFoschiatti

    Boat rental to “Snail Island” $50.00; Finding GZ with state of the art GPS? $500.00- Actually logging this #$%#$!! nano?-priceless

  • coinzero “Steven Lewis”

    “Site was covered with muggles on this awesomely sunny day! Can’t blame’em! Had to leave and come back with my metal detector as cover. Thankfully this nano had just enough metal for my detector to read it’s minimal presence and no one was the wiser. Signed log, found 2 gold rings, and a coin for the 1900’s. Wootwoot cashe4ever!”

  • Danny wright/ Danny123456789

    “Finally,” the snail thought, “I can finally go out and get a gps to locate my new shell. I hope it’s not a cache.” The snail is going to be upset. At least he gets a FTF for his troubles.

  • Big Dawgs

    So that’s how they make those micro containers!

  • The Lopez Family

    Get the shell outta here. – The Lopez Family

  • Mountaineerfan12000

    The hardest part was getting the hermit crab to let go….

  • bill&vi

    Yup,Yup Faster than a speeding bullet,can do 0-6 feet in 5 days.When someone comes near I spin around like a top like a playful Puppy and happily slither over and show them where the cache is.Only had one problem so far and that was with Pierre the french chef who thought I looked delectable.

  • Crouchcrew

    I’ll bet someone back east is going, “Now why don’t he write?”