“Travel Bugs” A Geocaching.com Video

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Travel Bugs® are Trackables that move from geocache to geocache.  They are attached to “hitchhikers” that take many forms everything from action figures to toy cars to cinder blocks.  Travel Bugs are explorers and ambassadors that crisscross the world, gaining stories on each step of their trek.

Travel Bug

This  Lost & Found video showcases the journey of a Travel Bug around the world.  Geocacher Devbrain launched Coaster Coast in 2006. The Travel Bug ended up back in his hands after traveling more than 23,000 miles around the globe. Watch as he launches another Travel Bug, Coaster Coaster Coast, in an attempt to repeat the journey.  You’ll also discover how easy it is start your own Travel Bug.

Have you ever launched a Travel Bug?

Explore even more geocaching adventures in the Geocaching.com Lost & Found video gallery.  You can go along on a heart racing five difficulty/five terrain geocache, see the geocache on the International Space Station and find out why a U.S. Army bomb disposal technician says geocaching kept him safer in Iraq.


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Share your Trackable stories for a chance to win this rare and coveted Moun10bike Trackable.
Share your Trackable stories for a chance to win this rare and coveted Moun10bike Trackable.

Share your Trackable stories for a chance to win a rare and coveted Moun10bike Trackable.

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  • Allychap

    One day we will launch one it’s gota have the right hitch-hiker though that’s the conundrum ?? ! ??

  • sourgum

    I launched four and one got stolen or somthing like that…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for featuring my nephew’s TB, Indy’s Last Travels, and all the photos of him. What a treat for us!

  • AeroMechAZ

    My “story’s” similar, sourgum: I’ve launched 2 TB’s so far and one Geocoin, and the original TB (the 1st one) got stolen somewhere in Idaho, so then I re-started it with a different “hitchhiker” and the “copy” tag; the “hitchhiker” got stolen and the person who found the tag was nice enough to replace the “hitchhiker” for me and pass it along.

    The Geocoin WAS somewhere in a cache in upstate NY and then the next thing I know, that cache’s owner is posting a note that the coin’s not been in that cache for at least a couple of weeks and listed it as “missing” (personally, I think they took it, but who am I to say?).