Geocaching.com Caption Contest 27 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION - "TKLAB= took kangaroo, left angry boy. "- andrabrewer

Share your genius for witty captions in the 27th installment of our Geocaching.com Caption Contest. You could earn a barely coveted prize. What caption would you write for the picture snapped at this year’s Geocaching Block Party? It shows the Groundspeak mascot Signal with a kangaroo brought to Seattle, Washington USA by a group of Australian geocachers.

Coveted Prize

Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore the captions other geocachers have posted.

You can even influence the voting process. “Like” the caption that you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends and family to “like” your caption. Lackeys vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

The winner receives this coveted, ‘barely coveted prize.’ It’s a Trackable from the Geocaching Block Party. Join us next year at Groundspeak HQ for the Geocaching Block Party on August 18, 2012.

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  • Adventure Camps1

    GeoKid thinking ” Where I am going to find a cache to place this Frog TB”?
    Adventure Camps – England, UK

  • Rita Dubovska

    I love you, my friend! Don’t be sad – geocaching is connecting us, even if you are in another part of the Earth!

    user: dubochek

  • Love at first hop!

  • HeadHardHat

    Signal tries to find comfort anyway he can when discovering the “Dunk the Frog” meant “in butter”. – HeadHardHat

  • Randykim1

    “Ahoy mate, lets hop on over to Australia for some more Geo-Caching!”


  • Mpappagallo

    Shhh, honey.  I am pretty sure that kid is a muggle.  Let’s just stand here and blend in for a minute so he won’t notice us.

  • Binrat

    Kiss the Frog and win a barely coveted prize!

  • J P

    “You are big. I like you. You will become my new chief-of-hamsters.”


  • Sandy Shell

     Love has no boundaries

  • Teslawire

    Groundspeak is going to the ends of the Earth to expand its Hopper Diversity Plan.

  • Save Me Roo, I don’t want to go in the dunk tank again

  • Poor boy looks jealous of the kangaroo.

  • Digemup

    Don’t listen to them Skip, I don’t think you have an inflated ego.             (by Diggemup)

  • Kenny1977

    Croak that kangaroo bug ! Kenny1977

  • authorized users

    “Oh Roo, please don’t let him dunk me!  I don’t want to go back there!  Is there room for me in your pouch?”

  • be_like_billy

    As bing boy 1 is about to grab him, our mascot exclaims, “Help me, Roo! I only resemble the dunking frog, but I’m really The Travel Bug!”  submitted by be_like_billy

  • Coinzero

    These travel bugs are getting a little to big now a days; i shouldn’t have to buy a second ticket in order to move it! Only discovering from now on!

  • Coinzero

    Geocashing has become a life style! But becoming a trackable is a “Commitment” 

  • FredPhil96

    Try to dunk me and the kangaroo dies.

  • yuttington

    Young Jeremy’s father had told him of the birds and the bees, but nothing of the frog’s and the kangaroo’s.

  • Doreen Hewitt

    Just hitching a ride to the next cache.

  • authorized users

    Though it isn’t quite popular everywhere, interspecie relationships are growing strong!

  • Skippy.

    Skippy my Friend ” I get Knocked Down, But I get up again and nothing gonna keep me Down ” By Skippy.

  • Sara Lapacka

    “Hmmm”, the child thinks as he clenches his fists in case he has to react quickly.  “If I recall, frogs show their kill number on the back of their dog tags; after all that is why they are called travel BUGS.  But based on this guy’s size and kill number, that kangaroo is in danger.  I will just back away slowly…very slowly”

  • Slapacka

    Oh, geocaching name slapacka.  Witty, I know.

  • be_like_billy

    “Roo, read my badge, doesn’t it say The Travel Bug? Bing boy 1 thinks I’m the dunking frog!”

  • be_like_billy

    New & Improved Caption: “Roo, read my badge, doesn’t it say The Travel Bug? Bing boy 1 thinks I’m the dunking frog!”

  • Dagr

    We jumped straight into Geocaching and often find ourselves hopping from cache to cache!

  • seekandfinderz

    Us hoppers need to cache together!

  • dragon flyer

    Can you put me in your pocket and take me home?

  • CrystalSpyryt

    Darn that Signal. He always gets the FTF swag!

    Crystal Spyryt

  • “Signal is just asking permission to hide a cache in his pouch.” Gotta break in that “Private Residence” Attribute 🙂
    Cache name:animjason

  • MtnLioness

    Poor taste

  • MtnLioness

    Poor taste

  • authorized users

    A new twist on ball and chain…

  • Play your geocaching,  Signal, play your challenges. Keep playing ’til I find the Cache’ Signal, Log your find. Altogether now! 

  • LOL


  • Ogreatmilenkoo

    Let’s go grab a cache. There’s one just a hop, skip and a jump away.

  • gui look

    signal in his fear moments as he sees the “Dunk the Frog” poster at the block party!

    Gui look

  • gui look

    Signal showing off his new friend and connecting Australia with the Amazon!

    User: Gui look

  • Tinaotoole123

    Bing1 boy thinking ” Jeez, you can’t take Mom and Dad anywhere without them dressing up for the occasion!”

  • Guest

    Ha ha good one! 😀
    (Except I think you’d find it’s HER pouch, not a ‘his’)

  • Touche, I’ll correct that.

  • Acewingman

    acewingman: creepy

  • blaze132


    submitted by Blaze132

  • little-leggs

    I Love You , “as mush as a Fat kid Love CAKE”


    I Love You …. ” As much as a Fat Kid loves CAKE ” ,  what , what , ?

  • djdiggla

    Johnny’s new step-dad was OK, but he sure wasn’t the squirrel his dad was.

  • stevenw54

    Please Signal, won’t you go back to the dunk for me?

  • Shaleigh316

    It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.  Geocaching…bridging differences since 2000.

    cachername: shaleigh316