Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – November 23, 2011

Thank You Volunteers!

Please join Groundspeak in thanking the volunteers who fuel the geocaching adventure for millions of treasure-seekers. More than 350 Volunteer Reviewers, Moderators and Translators give their time and talent to support users. These dedicated volunteers serve the worldwide geocaching community by reviewing each cache listing before publication, moderating Groundspeak’s community forums and translating hundreds of pages of text. The volunteers don’t just serve the world of geocaching; they represent it.

The geocachers who volunteer are a diverse and hard-working group from nearly 30 countries. They are involved in their local geocaching communities and help a growing number of new geocachers discover and enjoy the activity.

The ranks of the volunteers are growing too. Groundspeak added more than 40 new volunteers in 2011. Collectively, they have published more than a half million new geocaches, supported more than 380,000 new geocachers and translated geocaching information into more than 25 languages in the past year alone. That’s a lot of time and geocaching know-how shared for the good of the global geocaching community. Oh, and most of them have “regular jobs” too.

Please take the time to join us in thanking a Volunteer Reviewer, Moderator or Translator today! Visit the Facebook page to say thank you and leave a message for your local volunteers. Click here for information about finding your local Volunteer Reviewer.