5 “Evil” Geocaches in 30 Seconds – Geocaching.com Presents

Is there a geocache you just cannot find? With more than 1.6 million geocaches around the world, some geocache finds may leave you thinking that they’re “evil.” And by “evil” we mean fun, challenging, and creative. Arm yourself against “evil” geocaches by watching this video. It just might help you find that next geocache.

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All the geocaches seen in this video are staged.

  • Fyrezque

    Ok, is the Gum one in California? I found one there last Summer, but THIS one wasn’t showing on my phone. I forget where the heck I was (Military Travel) but I distinctly remember Gum Alley….Hoping I didn’t miss one so close.

  • Kickerv96

    I think the gum one is seattle washington. I think the name of it is gum wall.

  • Yeah, THE GUM WALL, is actually a tourist attraction in Seattle.  It started because the local theater wouldn’t allow gun inside, so patrons started sticking their gum on the wall outside the theater.  I think its really gross, but lots of people have a lot of fun with it.

  • Moespinpals

    Theres a gum ball alley in SLO, CA. Didn’t find the cache there when I went though.

  • Walktall

    Why have you shown a cache hidden in a dry stone wall! They are not allowed in the UK due to the damage that can be done to a dry stone wall. Can you please remove this bit from the video?

  • Absolutely, caches are
    not allowed in stonewalls where the stones are freestanding. This wall
    shown in  the video is different. The wall depicted in the video is not a “dry” stone wall. It is a retaining
    wall built of broken up chunks of concrete, held together by mortar. The
    mortar is visible in the video. It has lots of big cracks to fit a CD.

  • Walktall

    Thank you for you reply but the video gives the impression that it is OK to hide a cache in a stone wall. There will be cachers who watch this video and think it is OK to hide a cache in any stone wall as they have seen it in your video. They might not realise that some stone walls are not allowed and the video doesn’t show this. I still come across caches hidden in inappropriate stone walls and the cacher didn’t realise this was against the rules. So, not to give the wrong impression, I still think this part of the video should be remove?

  • shaunem

    Who wants to find a cache hidden in gum. Barf!

  • Fyrezque

     Thanks for the
    ‘reminder” of where I was! lol. Yes, it WAS Gumball Alley, but the actual cache wasn’t on THAT wall! (Thank goodness!) Thanks again!

  • Fyrezque

     Thanks! I was at the one in California, but just as “interesting” I.m sure!

  • how does the CD one work, in other words, what is the log?  Does the cacher bring a sharpie to sign the CD itself??

  • I think the gum wall is disgusting,I wouldn’t be handling anything near that wall just to find a micro. YUCK!!!

  • You can always bring gloves if you feel like you can’t miss this truly one-of-a-kind cache. I think, that once you’ve committed to the CITO philosophy and you use sound judgment in handling caches, it’s not really as yucky as it sounds…(When you see it for yourself, tell me that you can’t sign that log! Also…have you ever been to the Gum Wall? Somewhere, I have a series of photos of a gentleman who is–no joke–picking the gum off the wall…I don’t know if he was eating it, pocketing it, looking for the DNA of a killer…it’s really anybody’s guess…but some people are not concerned in the least about the gum or about touching it. I think that that’s the demographic this really unique cache is aimed at–the boldest of the bold!)