Shop Geocaching Newsletter – March 2012

T-Shirt and Sticker of the Month!

We like to keep our selection fresh at Shop Geocaching.  In order to do so, we’re implementing two exciting new programs.  First, if you’ve ordered in the last few weeks you may have noticed a little something extra with your order.  Each month, we’re going to release a new sticker that will be included free of charge with your order (while supplies last, of course).  Secondly, our creative team is working on some fun new designs for our new T-Shirt of the Month program.  Starting in March, we’ll be releasing a new design every month.  Like the stickers, these will only be available until supplies last.  If you think you have some brilliant ideas for shirt or sticker designs, please let us know!

What’s New!

This month, we’ve brought in several new items. Included are three versions of Maxpedition Packs – popular already with the caching community, these packs are perfect for carrying your caching essentials! Fun new shirts including our Challenges and Hamster Coffee Break designs have been added.  Also, check for the new versions of our Decon Cache Containers and the devious Fake Bolt Cache Container! See these items and more in our “What’s New” section!



For orders outside the United States, please visit our International Distributors list.  They feature many of the same listings in our shop as well as unique geocaching items of their own.

If you have any questions or suggestions on products for the website, please send us an email to shop@geocaching.com.

Happy Caching from Groundspeak!

  • Sheri McKay-Sheriberri32

    I’d like to see a t-shirt that says “Geocaching It’s so a Trackable!” 🙂

  • Candy

    How about “Have GPS will Travel”

  • datum

     I like it…I’ve been using it for my motto since I started in 2001. 

    Happy trails……   (They can use that too  🙂


  • Ellennature

    How about making them available for the UK ?

  • Bharte

    cool….love it

  • Chefcle

    Ok my geo tag is Team No App Fire. I am a chef in Birmingham Al. I have an idea for a geo shirt. Well actually my brother in law made me this shirt for my Christmas present. The shirt says Explaining Geocaching one officer a time. Have the badge in the front have theo g e ocaching logo in the badge. If you use this idea please send me some swag.

  • Captain Cageman

    Have you thought about printing or encraving the Geocaching logo on a Zippo lighter? As a Zippo collector I am still looking for an official Zippo Geocaching lighter.

  • How about “Geo-cache me if you can! “…..or is that already taken?

  • Crabtregals{Lillian]

     Any geocachers in PEI heading over to Scotland in the near future we have a travel bug that is trying to get over the ocean  Contact  us at   crabtregals at e-mail crystalfarms @pei.sympatico.ca