Thank you to the Geocache Hiders Video – Celebrating the 2 Millionth Active Geocache



Geocachers around the world can join in the celebrating the 2 millionth active geocache. Share this video with your favorite geocache hider to say a big ol’ “Thank you” for the adventure. And a big thank you from the entire geocaching community to all those who hide geocaches, creating memories for thousands of people everyday.

[vsw id=”goAfLm3Njvo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Don’t forget to spread the word about geocaching by checking out and sharing the Celebrating 2 Million Infograph, and the videos 2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute and Travel Bug® Travels.

  • King Boreas

    heh, I thought y’all forgot that caches have to be hidden, before they can be found.

  • Great video thanks for the fun

  • TeamSnicket

    In my area the cache shown in the video would be called into the police as a possible pipe-bomb. Does he have written permission to attach it to the fence post? Surely Groundspeak could have shown a better example of a clever hide.

  • k13

    A cache that looks like a pipe bomb and TFTC…. Two things that I HATE about this hobby are being glamorized and held out as awesome?