Dear Geocaching Diary: Orange Headbands for the Win


Dear Geocaching Diary,

Whew! What a crazy, wonderful, mixed-up month we have had here at Geocaching HQ. In the last few weeks, we hosted a party that brought geocachers from all over the world together (Geocaching Block Party – maybe you’ve heard of it?), celebrated International Geocaching Day, and unveiled the first ever International Geocaching Film Festival (GIFF)….all while keeping the 31 Days of Geocaching streak alive. Okay, we didn’t all go #31in31. There were some frustrating 13-hour DNFs and some waking up at 12:08 am only to realize what was forgotten the day before. But we all learned a bit more about what it means to be a geocacher and what it means to work and to play at Geocaching HQ. So overall, not too shabby. And as if that wasn’t enough, rumor on the street is that we’ve made  “orange headbands” the hottest fashion trend of 2013 (you ‘ll want to keep reading to learn more).




Day 17: International Geocaching Day, Geocaching Block Party, GIFF, a flash mob (the dancing kind that is), and a few thousand balloons all in one action-packed day. Take a minute, breathe, laugh, cry, celebrate… ’nuff said. For a closer look and recap of the day, check out our Geocaching Block Party Video and GIFF Winners.


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Day 18: What is the best way to recover from an 18-hour day of non-stop geocaching mania? More geocaching. Community Volunteer Support Coordinators Kerb Lydick (Username: KerbL), Bethany Buer (Bethany_B), and a delegation from Geocaching HQ braved a ghost town on their way to the Going APE 2013 Mega Event.  That’s Kerb sharing a little  HQ love with the geocaching ape log.





Day 19-23: After having such an epic weekend, we decided to keep our geocaching a little closer to home. This week was all about celebrating Fremont, the home of Geocaching HQ and the scientifically corroborated center of the known universe. Coincidence? We think not.  We had a ton of fun exploring the new HQ Geotour – a huge thanks to our wonderful co-workers who designed this awesome  “Geocacher’s Guide to the Center of Our Universe.”



Day 24: The beginning of the last full weekend of 31 Days of Geocaching…no time for sleep! (Okay, well maybe a little time for sleep.) Director of Legal and Business Affairs Jennifer Arterburn (Username: Jennifer A) and her daughter Willow hit the Centennial Trail in Snohomish, WA for a day of biking and geocaching.  Partner Programs Manager Annie Love (Username: Love) celebrates her 1100 find while geocaching in Switzerland!


Day 25: Community-Engineering Liaison Jon Stanley (Username: Moun10Bike),  Community Manager Paige Edmiston (Username: ThePaigeTurner), and Kerb check out the Tull Canyon plane crash site on a not-so-casual Sunday stroll. Kerb says, “What a peaceful location with such history, beauty and conversation starting views. Our morning started at 5:00am and ended at 8:00pm with caching and chatting all the way. This was an unforgettable trip and with some of the best people I know.”




Day 26-30: Everybody was on board when it came to tackling the last week of the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge. It was time to get nautical and enjoy the water-based geocaching that summer in Seattle has to offer. (And yes, we know we have funny jokes.)


Day 31: Donso, finito, we made it – hurray! Everyone at Geocaching HQ gathered at the Fremont Troll to celebrate the end of 31 Days of Geocaching. And see! The orange headbands really are catching on. Did everyone make it all 31 days? Well, there were weddings, kids and grown-ups got sick, a random bad-luck streak of DNFs and of course: the dog ate the geocache! But we all gave our best and discovered new places, got dirty, wet, bitten by mosquitoes, and perfected our “found-the-geocache” dance. Are we really done now? Of course not! This is just the beginning of our geocaching journey and we are looking forward to our many adventures still to come.

What were your top highlights from 31 Days of Geocaching? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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  • Jason Meggs

    I found a cache everyday and saved the best for the 31st. Spent the morning walking or crawling hundreds of feet through drain pipes and culverts looking for coordinates and the final container of a multi cache. The whole family had a blast.

  • Kathy McKinney Brewer

    Found one every day (despite some DNFs that found me scrambling for backup plans). Last day was the best – two F2F while stand up paddling and caching at beautiful Waldo Lake in Oregon. Thanks for the challenge that got me to explore lots more of the caches around Corvallis.

  • Our (Flash and Grubbly) own highlight of August has to be reaching our 1000th cache on the 31st after dedicating time each day to build our numbers. 159 caches were found by us, setting a new record month as well as setting our new longest streak of finds – 53 days and counting! All excellent fun!

    Have attached a photo of Flash with our 1000th find.

  • I was fortunate that the month of streaking coincided with planned vacation to explore new areas. Among the highlights were Tin Man aka “bob” (GC4B6BB – geo art with ammo boxes as the medium), Route of the Hiawatha (GCKE2B – mountain biking down an historic railway, including several dark, wet tunnels) and RIP R. Triplett (GC2YD3V – an outstanding view that’s a reward for going off the beaten path). And then when I returned, there were some excellent geocaching tour caches with fresh ideas for caches in otherwise constrained areas.

  • Walter Earnest

    I went to the Geocaching Block Party, did 2 coin challenges (Albany Art & Air Challenge and the Tri-Cities Coin Challenge) and on day 31, I did 33 caches, I drove from downtown Portland, OR drove to the Villages of Mount Hood, drove up to hood and climbed to 6205 feet, came back down and drove back to downtown Portland for my 1000th find (all by myself). And had my best month yet with 218 caches found.

  • Bukibear

    Having MS I think I deserve an orange head band. Didn’t do the 31 but did what I could. Orange is the color of MS
    Darcy AKA Bukibear

  • Barbara and Terry

    Did ALL 31 and it was tough for us over 70 year olds! Through mud, stickers, and rain – we did it! (Now where’s our orange head band?) :0 We learned a lot about additional creative ways to camo a cache, how NOT to not check and see if your is still there (the DNFs!!!) which meant seeking 4 or so on a day to find just one you could record! Had to be really organized to keep up each day (the calendar helped a lot!) so had lists of backups just in case and several got ‘cleaned up’ or restored after we contacted the owners. FUN Would we do it again – not for a while….Molokaihuakai bkyte@aol.com

  • Em Space

    Did the whole 31. The 17th was my best day for finds, with the Block Party and GIFF and the HQ GeoTour, which were all loads of fun.
    But the best day of the month was the 9th, when my brother and I did a string of caches up the Wynoochee valley in Grays Harbor County (the middle of Washington’s West Coast). My favorite cache I’ve ever found was there, Ring of Fire (GCJYHZ). It’s a 3.5/5 at the bottom of the river gorge, hidden in the remains of a train that a movie crew drove over a burning trestle 50 years ago.

  • FeistyDragoness

    Took it as easy as I could with a slightly broken (legged) husband and myself being between 7 and 8 months pregnant for this challenge! I accidentally put day 30’s cache on a snake after it was retrieved… Almost wet myself when it startled me by slithering away! I also finally got the opportunity to test the 4 wheel drive on my Blazer! Best month ever, but I’m ready for a break!

  • Rose Crawford

    I had a challenging time geocaching each day in August to meet the 31in31. There were 2 days where I was ill but I made up those and geocached some more. Highlights were that I ran across another geocacher and was able to collaborate on a cache; got the opportunity to share what geocaching is to a number of people; I got 1 friend to do it with me who had never done it before; found some very creative caches; and got my family involved in my hunts. Overall, a very good month.

  • Cedarbear

    Two caches over 4318 miles from TN in Bassett Normanda , France were THE best in the 31 day challenge. D-Day, GC 32920 and I Love Mont Saint Michel, GC4GPOE. Thanks to the cache owners for this great opportunity!

  • Kpearson

    I met the 31in31 challenge even though I had a week of pager duty and a road trip from Colorado to Indianapolis for the MotoGP race. My favorite cache was the final one: at the entrance to Fort Robinson in Nebraska, where my grandfather served in the Army during World War 2.

  • dm92124

    I met the 31-in-31 challenge, the first 25 days had a FTF each day! Then a quick trip to Las Vegas ended the FTF streak but I was able to continue there and introduce my sisters to geocaching! Today my 32nd day of the 31-day challenge was great; I found the oldest cache in California – Phil’s Cache, in addition to getting in a little hiking time!

  • My most interesting outcome is a bit of event caching.

    My personal outcome is that I started to take on the “one found each day, 366 days of the year” challenge. And blacklisted (“Ignore”) a few hundred mystery caches in the area, to clean up both the map view and my PQs.

  • BuzzKill

    After not having done much of any Geocaching for the last couple of
    years, the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge got me back into the game
    again. I was able to do 27 of 31 days which was a great change of pace. I
    even placed a new hide of my own. So my highlight would be just getting
    back into Geocaching again!

  • Team Geopunk

    I got my 31 in 31 days and then some. This was my most productive Geo caching month and not just for the amount of caches found. I turned a few more people on to the game. We started mapping out our lunch hour and going out to get a find or two along with a good walk. No more sitting around at lunch time for a few co-workers of mine.

  • John Combs

    When I began this challenge I knew it would be tough as I had tumor removal surgery scheduled for August 12. Predictably, the first 11 days of the challenge were easy. On the day of the surgery we needed an easy cache near OSU’s James Cancer Center so we snagged one appropriately titled “Faith” at 4:50 AM (ten minutes before scheduled check-in) a mere .1 miles from the hospital. The surgery went much longer than planned and due to complications they kept me overnight. When they released me from the hospital I felt like death warmed over. Mrs. Amazing drove to the nearest park and grab and brought it over to the car window for me to sign the log. Over the next 7 days Mrs. Amazing drove me 25-30 minutes to the nearest cache and then I would walk to GZ with that stupid and painful Foley catheter in place. There were two of those days where pain, nausea and spasms made me declare I was giving up. Mrs. Amazing broke those outings down into a series of small steps and gently nudged me the whole way through. On August 21 I went back to work and resumed lunchtime geocaching. I alternated days of going solo or with Ed the Navigator who coddled me like an injured baby chick. On one of my lunch hour solo trips I had to pee about every ten minutes (a byproduct of the surgery) and made a total of five restroom stops. Miserable. Also, in the midst of these 31 days were four where schedules would only permit quick caching jaunts. Since I no longer had any of those left in my area Grey-n-Red and osubrownsfan provided tremendous help on nearby puzzles.

    So I decided to conquer “Alcatraz!” (GC35N51) as it would make a great milestone for day 31. Mrs. Amazing and Starrycacher were there as well for moral support and as spotters. The water level and flow rate were noticeably down so the walk out to “the rock” went fairly smooth. I lost my balance upon reaching the rock and received a proper baptism. We spent very little time searching for the container and as is typically the case Mrs. Amazing found the hide. As I was signing the log a nearby fisherman proudly held up a two-foot long shovel head fish for us to view. We returned the container to its hiding place and with big smiles on our faces made our escape and returned to civilization.

    There are those who think geocaching is nothing more than an electronic Easter egg hunt. I disagree. It’s about fun and friendships and support. As one who walked a difficult path for a short time I can safely say it was a ray of sunshine in a dark place.


    I really wanted to do this 31 day challenge, but where I live there just weren’t enough caches. I would have had to drive an hour away every day to complete this challenge, so instead, I HID 31 geocaches in the month of August. I created a series called Return The Favor Series (31 Days of Geocaching) I placed 1 geocache every day in the month of August. The “Return The Favor” Part of the series name was to hopefully inspire geocachers in the area to get out there and place some geocaches! Hope it works! 🙂 ~JZSAH

  • frabbit999

    My cache buddy Maggic and I live in a remote area where it’s “ecologically irresponsible” to use half a tank of gas to drive to one cache, but we got 25 days in and over 60 caches found! Highlights? The RLAGE series in Coudersport was a hoot, 12 “eggs” collected. We relaxed with a Ranger Rick Geotrail the 31st, which was fun. The best day was the 17th which we spent in McKean County on the Allegeheny Geotrail, high-quality caches in superb places! I awarded lots of well-earned favorite points this month.

  • Deere57

    By the skin of our teeth (it felt like), my daughters and I managed all 31 days. Thankfully we’ve not been caching that long so we had not overcached our 10mi radius. What made it challenging is that I could have easily gone out on my lunch break and made finds, but they wanted to tag along each day too. So, every evening I’d pick them up from my mom and dad’s (also cachers) and go to the nearest cache. I think DNFs were common because we’d be in a hurry so we’d pick another to find. We had great support from our local cachers though. The East Side Gang in Georgia is the creme de la creme. One couple in our group hid 2 new caches every day of August and some were named for various geonicks in the group. The ESG also created a BBQ-ED series where multiple people in our group hid caches at various BBQ joints. I think we ended up with 25 or so of those. Each day, a member of the ESG would post in our group page and encouragement asking us to tell our daily story. This spurred us on.

    In our quest for geocaches we were FTF on several including one in our Sunday clothes! We also paid it forward by hiding 5 new ones for our friends to find. However, I was really glad when August came to a close. Not before we spent the 31st by finding 23 geocaches with friends and ending with an ESG meet and greet at where else, but a BBQ place!