Quiz Results: The Social Butterfly


You are…The Social Butterfly!

You are all about the geocaching community and Event Caches are totally your thing. You love meeting all of your fellow geocachers and have a knack for helping newbies fall in love with the game.

You’ll love this geocache: 2014 Geocaching Block Party GC4CPG0

Your ultimate geocaching tools:

  • Use the Geocaching Event Calendar to find all of the geocaching events scheduled around the world by date.
  • Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive a weekly list of the 10 most recently published Event Caches in your area.

Quick Tip for  Social Butterflies: There are more than 1000 Geocaching Space Events happening around the world this week. Don’t miss out!

Do you have additional tips and tricks for your fellow Social Butterflies? Tell us about them in the comments below. Don’t think this geocacher type fits you? Try taking the quiz again!


Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • GREG

    Yeah right. I never go to events, even though they’re fun.
    I’d rather solve a cryptography puzzle.

  • XX

    Absolutely wrong! I have only been to 4 events in 6 years of caching.

  • BayCacher

    Nope, definitely not! I’m half Puzzler and half Traveler, which seems to average out to this.

  • TeamMysteryInc

    Not even close.. This math isn’t even in the same ballpark. I think they forgot that you can add to 14 with many different addends.. I’m the same as Baycatcher below.

    Back to the drawing board guys.

  • Old Coach

    Yep. That’s me, but I’m also a Stats Geek.

  • jigg61

    no not what I would have thought. social butterfly not. thanks anyway.

  • On-The-Loose

    Well, I do enjoy the occasional meet and greet event, I have never been to a full day event – and not likely to, as there are never any within driving distance. Most of my answers were even in the mix. Running into a fellow cacher in the midst of a search IS something I’d enjoy. Without the scenery, the new and different, and the satisfaction of a well-earned smiley, the social interaction wouldn’t have much of a place to start.

  • DJ Xan

    Lol only half
    right…… I have a dog… Geocaching makes our walks so much more
    interesting, yes you are right it is nice to bump into a fellow cacher and yes
    iv helped a few on the way, i stumbled on an Event in Salecy while
    on holiday (the event had just finished) and I am planning a epic trail along Europe
    next April .. if there is one on the way I will add it in.. The Quiz Question
    should also have “All the above” when they all apply to you

  • ubaphygg

    If there were a choice for all the above, that’d be me. While I love to go off and find the hidden waterfall after solving the puzzle of the cemetery, I really like doing that with a friend along and stopping at a local spot for coffee.
    Whether I cache alone or not there is still an element of the personal connection to the last and next person to find that cache.

  • ~TheSenator~

    Hahaha from all the comments maybe going to events doesn’t quite nail the 14-17 point demographic. I am not a big event attendee either. The thrill and success felt when I find that cache is what gets me out in the Caching World.

  • TeamOrville

    nope sorry totoally wrong. But it was interesting anyhow. Usually these things are spot on!

  • chiptheduck

    Not me at all. I go to events (going tomorrow) but I much prefer a difficult puzzle, a nice country walk or a clever container.

  • Paige

    Hehe I think you caught the math error in our *very scientific* quiz. We hope you had a lot of fun though! You should check out the other profiles to get the tips and tricks that best match your geocaching style.

  • jmaxadventures

    Not me either. I scored at both ends A’s and E’s. Geocaching is my time-out from people. I enjoy getting out into the bush, a clever container or a moderately challenging puzzle cache.

  • Carl Spackler LCC

    Even though I cache with friends in some exotic places, I don’t attend many events and hardly ever go outside my geo-circle. I love this game for the places it takes you. Just last week in a log I said it took me past the soccer field I used to play on. That was a trip down memory lane. Carl Spackler LCC

  • BayCacher

    Being an analytical by nature, that’s what I figured 🙂 More fun than “scientific”… Did check out the other profiles, too. Would be interesting (here I go again…) to know how many true Social Butterflies got pegged!

  • Olivia
  • Jennifer Anne Church Joubert

    Absolutely me to the bone! Grannynasty from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • Guwisti

    Pegged me perfectly! My first cache “hide” was a WWFM event that I hosted! Just so I could meet area cachers. And I’ve loved hosting events ever since. I also love to travel cache.

  • SilleB

    Pretty much on for me. If I answered Q4 as D it threw me into the Social Butterfly category and if I answered it A it moved me into the Traveler category. I could fit either category depending on the day.

  • Norm Peterson

    With 14 points, I averaged out at about 3 points per question, which made me a “Social Butterfly.” But, the fallacy of the quiz is that I did not answer “C” to any of the five questions. Instead, I had one A, two Bs, a D and an E. So, I’m anything but a “Social Butterfly.” In fact, in the one question that gave me the option of choosing “events,” I answered something else. This quiz is in serious need of a redesign.

  • broseph12

    it says im a social butter fly but ive never been to an event