Trackable Do’s and Don’ts


There are literally thousands of Travel Bug® trackables bounding around the world right now. They’re powered by geocachers, traveling geocache to geocache. Travel Bugs travel in pockets, backpacks, purses and snuggle up in suitcases for long distance voyages. Sometimes though, their travels stop cold. Standby for a sad emoticon. 🙁

The trackables get stuck in couch cushions, lost in the kitchen junk drawer or simply (and sadly) forgotten.

Here are 3 tips to help Travel Bugs do what they do best: travel. First, if you find a Travel Bug® or any trackable in a geocache, you are not required to trade anything for it. But if you take it, follow some common sense trackable etiquette. It all starts by entering the tracking code here.

•    Log that you have retrieved the Travel Bug or trackable from the geocache as soon as you’re able. By logging that you’ve retrieved it, the Travel Bug owner, geocache owner and all those looking for Travel Bugs will know that this one is on the move.

•   Check the Travel Bug’s goal by going to its page. It’s as easy as typing in the tracking code. Then you can find out if it’s headed to beaches around the world, mountain tops in Austria or somewhere else. The idea is to place the Travel Bug in a geocache that will move it closer to its goal.

•    Drop the trackable in the next geocache and log that you have done so. If you need to keep the trackable for more than two weeks, please email the owner to let them know that their trackable is taking a short rest, but will be on the road again soon.

But wait, etiquette doesn’t stop there. Share this video on Geocaching Etiquette with the new geocachers in your life.

  • goblincamper2004

    While in northern Utah this last weekend we were able to pick this TB, http://coord.info/TB49GFK up and bring it back to St. George, UT. When we saw this, we thought it would be to put our own TB, http://coord.info/TB69C1B on the motorcycle and let him ride it. We hope to take some pictures and find another cache to place it in. Some TBs are awesome.

  • AngelEyesRH

    One other thing: don’t steal a trackable item or something that hangs onto it because it looks good!!! The owner puts money in it and taking it deliberate is just plain stealing!!!

  • peegeenine

    You say log a TB or geocoin ASAP which we agree with if it has been dropped into the cache where you found it. If it is still in the hands of someone at least give them a chance to drop it, as not all cachers cache with a phone. If we are away on holiday it sometimes takes us a few days to get wifi to be able to drop the TB.. Just recently we have had TBs grabbed from us which is not only inaccurate but also affects the true travelling of the TB for the owner and spoils the fun for the cacher who has just had it and wants to post a comment and maybe photos. Why do people not use watch for a few days first and then after a reasonable period of time then take further action ie grab it. We have now started keeping a note of the number and grabbing back when this happens but as above it is so unnecessary when there is already in place a ‘watch’ facility that notifies you as soon as action is recorded on the item you are watching. That’s better a big bug off our chest’s lol