Go from 0 to Geocaching Hero




What’s Your Geocaching Friend-o-meter Read?

Check out your fancy Geocaching Refer-a-Friend page.  It’s your tool to introduce friends to the adventure of geocaching. The custom link is yours, and yours alone to share however you’d like: paste it, post it, email it, whatever. When friends click on the link, you’ll deliver them to this friendly welcome page. They’ll see a nearby map, a “What is Geocaching?” video, and a link to a create a free Geocaching account. You’ll see that string of zeros on your Refer-a-Friend page start to climb.Each tick up from zero is another person you’ve brought into a world of adventure, a friend to join your geocaching outings, and someone who finally understands you when you say you “Got an FTF* on a D5** and filled out your Fizzy Grid”. Invite your friends now and go geocaching.

*First to Find
** Difficulty 5