Vote for the August Geocacher of the Month

Experience, friendliness and geocaching smarts—these could be used to describe all three nominees for the August 2014 Geocacher of the Month. Each has strong ties to their local communities, plenty of finds and hides, as well as a willingness to help out any geocacher who needs it. While all three are amazing, only one can be the Geocacher of the Month. Leave your comment below!

Each of the nominees below is an essential part of the global geocaching community and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle, but only one will be the next Geocacher of the Month. A  panel from Geocaching HQ will use your comments, community input and other data to decide the winner.

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month: write a supportive comment for the nominated geocacher you feel should be awarded the title.

Geocacher ikolor
Geocacher ikolor


One of the nominations for ikolor comes from Tracymegan who says, “When I first started caching and ever since then, I have always seen Ikolor as really a backbone of South Florida Caching. He wealth of knowledge, puzzle abilities, amazing finding skills, and determination to always fine a cache are unparalleled. She is the first to help out newbie cachers and is out and about with any number of cachers. You never know where you are going to find her. Her enthusiasm for this game and patience with all of us is so greatly appreciated! Her logs are fun and entertaining and her imagination is boundless.”

Trekkie79 just zipping along.
Trekkie79 just zipping along.






Geocacher tweetnes says, “Trekkie79 is great geocacher with over 10,000 caches & put out 130 awesome caches. He is always there to help you out. You can call him anytime. He has done classes for 101 in geocaching & how to use the site.The world needs to know if all cachers were like him what a great world this would be.Plus he has a remarkable wife that backs him up & helps us all.”







Team Geo-Rangers making the find.
Team Geo-Rangers making the find.

Team Geo-Rangers

Geocacher Newo Max had this to say, “Team Geo Rangers (Brett) as been caching since 2003, and recently reached his 30,000 find milestone. He’s hidden over 750 caches as well, including his SANTA BARBARIAN series profiling other local geocachers. He writes his motto “It’s all good!” in every cache he logs.

“TGR” as he is widely-known both creates and attends event caches, and is always willing to help out new cachers with helpful advice and encouragement. We thanked him personally, and feel he says it best in his reply “Your welcome! Just trying to add value with the logs as a way to thank you for the extra effort. Every fun cache placed has a chance to attract and retain new geocachers. Keep up the great work!””

Leave a comment to vote for the geocacher who you think should be Geocacher of the Month.


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  • TheDrGene

    Team Geo Rangers is an absolute asset to the Geocaching Community!! I whole heartedly support TGR as Geocacher of the month. When I first started caching he invited me to an event and introduced me to all the local community of cachers and really made me feel welcome. In fact, many times he is the one organizing the event! On several occasions we have had the opportunity
    to go out on a caching adventure with TGR and it is amazing the skills he has developed and the keen geosense. And that he is willing to share that knowledge.

    We went out as a group of three to pursue his 30,000th find at a T5 cache. He was the point man with finding the best route to the top of the ridge over loose shale and he came up with the best quote, “You always find the best route to the cache…..on the way out”. Thankfully, we completed the challenge, and lived to hunt the cache another day!

  • Peasinapod

    I vote for Team GeoRangers. I’ve known him for a long time and seen him at work. We’ve done the power trails and done the 5/5 caches too. He sponsors events and has taken new Cachers under his wing to help them get started. His boundless energy has been good for the game. I think he is a great ambassador for us.

  • tumbleweed2

    I think Team Geo-Rangers should be selected for this honor. I ditto all the things others have said about this caching team.

  • LetYrLiteShine

    I definitely think Team Geo-Rangers should win. He’s been geocaching since 2003 and he’s a great guy as well. 🙂

  • Team Geo-Rangers

    Appreciate being recognized with such good geocaching company as ikolor and Trekkie79. Had an amazing time in Seattle this past weekend for the events, including the GIFF and Block Party, and found some wonderful lab caches and made many new friends. It was great to connect with so many geocachers from around the world and celebrate this activity that we all enjoy. Thank you for all the nice comments of support. Enjoy the journey because it’s all good!

    Team Geo-Rangers

  • goblindust

    Wow, three great cachers to choose from but having talked to Brett (Team Geo-Rangers) about the ways he is working with local persons, businesses and the Chamber of Commerce in his area to bring more caches and more creative caches to the area to help promote and educate people about this fun, interesting and entertaining hobby I would definitely vote for him to be this months chosen one!

  • Singer<3

    Team Geo-Rangers gets my vote! Always friendly and willing to give a helping hand!!!

  • Mault Mathias

    My vote goes to Team Geo-Rangers. With almost 1k hides and 30k find, he is a major contributor to geocaching.

  • Alex Knepper

    Team Geo-Rangers FTW!

  • SLOFolks

    All three look like excellent candidates for recognition, but my vote goes to Team Geo-Rangers. Brett has posted some amazing numbers and streaks, but more importantly he is welcoming to all and works hard to educate and improve the geocaching experience. He lives his motto “It’s all good”

  • Linda_in_CA

    Good luck Team Geo-Rangers. You’ve got my vote!

  • Bigguy In Texas

    Howdy! I vote for Team Geo-Rangers!

  • Ladybug Kids

    I met Brett/Team Geo-Rangers when he came up to Alaska on a work-related trip. We had a great time paddling a canoe around Chena Lake near North Pole, enjoying water fowl, a rainbow, and some FTFs. Subsequently, NorthWes, Scobey, and I connected with him near Palm Springs prior to the first Geocoinfest in Temucula, CA, for some desert geocaching where I learned the value of the leather gloves he employs when reaching into dark holes potentially harboring stinging and biting things. More recently, Brett and I have connected at two of the past three Block Parties for local caching and had a total blast. In addition to his ever positive attitude, he gives back to the community with several hundred geocaches and seeking to engage local businesses to engage in geo-tourism. Brett definitely has a well-rounded approach to the game!

  • Dadbo

    I cast my vote for TGR, not just a local favorite but stretches their positive influence any where they can! Go SOC!