New tools for your next trip into the great outdoors!

Ready for an adventure in the great outdoors? Good news! Our newest feature, offline maps in the Geocaching® app, completes a suite of tools designed to make your outdoor expeditions better than ever. Let’s take a look:

Offline maps.

Our newest feature for Premium members makes it possible to navigate to geocaches without an internet connection. Here’s how:

Step 1: Select a geocache list or create a new one.*

Step 2: Save the list for offline use.

Step 3: Get outdoors! Offline maps will be there to guide you to the next geocache on your list.


The app will also prompt you to switch to the Trails map type when applicable.

My Lists beta.

We took Bookmark Lists and made them better! With My Lists beta, you can easily edit, share, and organize lists of geocaches. Learn more.

Lists created on Geocaching.com automatically appear in the Geocaching® app, and vice versa. By saving geocache lists in the mobile app for offline use, you also download offline maps.

Trail maps.

We added the Trails map type to help you find hard-to-reach geocaches and to find the caches hidden right in your neighborhood park. This feature uses open-source maps to show trails in cities, parks, and wild spaces.

Pending logs.

No need to worry about losing track of your finds! When you a submit a log from the field, the log will automatically upload the next time you connect to internet.

A feature enabling you to start a log and finish or edit it later is in the works.

Offline geocaching is a Premium member feature. Learn more about Geocaching Premium.

Planning to head off the beaten path soon? Before you do, check out these tips for geocaching outdoors:

* Pro tip: You can create lists in the mobile app or on Geocaching.com.

Tell us about your next outdoor adventure in the comments below.

  • Yvonne Mangum

    Awesome feature!! My only concern is how much space will be required for the maps and if we can direct them to the SD card… if we can’t, who do we submit that enhancement request to??

    This gets better all the time, I almost have recovered from the trauma of losing the old app now, the lists to PQ feature alone was WONDERFUL!! Thanks!

  • Richard Fahey

    Thanks for continually improving the app. Can you tell me if/when we’ll be able to submit logs to Field Notes from this app? That’s the only feature that’s keeping me from permanently switching from c:geo to this app. Thanks!

  • Sc0tsmanGB

    But not available for a windows phone, why? We aren’t all iSheep nor do we like the crap OS that is Android!

  • Shawn McBreairty

    Can we download the offline maps also, so, if you are in the woods without reception of cell towers, that you can see where you are going on trails? Or, are they just there somehow on your mobile app, in relation to the cache that was saved to a list? (Also, online version asks you to “bookmark” the cache, app asks you to “add to List” so maybe consider use the same language in both places?)

    Also, how come I can’t see my souvenirs on the newer version of the app like I used to with the old one? (Am I not looking in the right place?)

  • Audrey Kettler

    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for commenting! In order to download for offline use, you will first need to download offline data on your geocaching list. All Lists can be saved for offline use with just one tap in your app. When you download offline data for a geocache list, offline maps are automatically saved to your device. These maps show the location of caches in your list. Here’s how it works:

    1. Go to the My Lists section of the Geocaching® app.
    2. Tap the ellipsis (…) next to the list that you want to download.
    3. Select Download Offline Data.

    Tip: Offline maps are saved in the Trails map type. When you’re geocaching without an internet connection, switch to Trails to see your offline maps!

  • Audrey Kettler


    Functionality similar to Field Notes will be in the Geocaching® app within the next few months!

  • P Z

    Will the new app support the Ignore List feature?

  • nochriane

    Which data are donwloaded? Only the core gc-data or also logs and fotos?
    I generated a list of gc’s and downloaded the infos to my iphone.
    i could open the cache and navigate to it but fotos where not downloaded.
    did i something wrong or is it not possible that fotos where downloaded for offline use?

  • OnkelReiner

    Ich vermisse mal wieder die Unterstützung meines Lumia 950 mit Windows Phone mobile, somit nützt mir dieses Feature überhaupt nichts. Schade, fühle mich dadurch immer etwas als Außenseiter!