The Geocaching Classic app is retiring

Last September, we shared our plans to retire the Geocaching Classic app. In this announcement, we wrote:

We originally planned to shut off the Geocaching Classic app in September 2016. If it’s not clear already, you’ve convinced us otherwise… [The] Geocaching® app is missing some of the most requested features: offline and trail maps, log types, draft logs and favorite points. We are working to complete these features by March 2017.

Since then, we’ve been busy adding the most requested features into the Geocaching® app:

As both the app’s developers and geocachers ourselves, we’re excited about these upgrades and we think you will be too. Here at Geocaching HQ, we remain committed to building the best tools and services for geocachers to create, share, and play this game. We will continue to make updates and enhancements to the Geocaching® app as we move forward.

It’s time to retire the Geocaching Classic app

With the addition of the features listed above, it is now time to fully retire the Geocaching Classic app. On March 23, 2017, the app will no longer function. You will be unable to run searches, get updated information about geocaches, or submit any logs using the app.

The Geocaching Classic app was developed in 2008. Over the past nine years, mobile phone and app technologies have changed significantly. The Classic app was built on code that no longer can support the dynamic functionality geocachers want and need. Therefore, our sole focus moving forward will be on improving the Geocaching® app.

The sustainable code that makes up the Geocaching® app allows for much more flexibility and growth for both the app and geocaching as a whole. We want to keep making awesome tools to help geocachers create and play this game, and the new Geocaching® app gives us the ability to do just that.

We don’t want anyone to be surprised or unable to geocache on that day so if you are an active user of the Classic app, we encourage you to download the Geocaching® app to start experiencing new features like Message Center, driving directions, and more.

What’s next for the Geocaching® app

Like we mentioned earlier, we’re not done with this app—far from it. We’ll continue to add new features (and update existing ones) based on feedback and suggestions from the geocaching community.

If there’s a feature you’d like to see, make sure your voice is heard. We take your suggestions seriously.

The Geocaching® app (and other tools including the website and support of third party apps) are made possible through the ongoing support of Premium members. In appreciation of this, some mobile features are reserved as a perk of Premium membership. Premium members have access to all geocache listings, advanced filtering options, offline navigation, favorite points, and more.

We strive to provide a great geocaching experience for as many players as we can and we will continue to take your feedback earnestly.

* * *

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We encourage you to check out the Geocaching® app, try out the new features, and let us know what you think.

Get the Geocaching® app.

What feature would you most like to see added to the Geocaching® app? Take this survey.

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  • Luc Simoneau

    Is it not OK to terminate Geocaching Classic because we will have to go back to paper for at least 2 features missing. Paper wow, what a step back.

    1) Not having ATTRIBUTES is the 1st; for northern areas it is a must to know if we can do the cache when there is snow or not. It is also a must for park to know if it is open 24hours or not and for a lot of other attributes. With Geocaching©, we have to verify these manually before a day of geocaching and note these ON PAPER before going to a geocache.

    2) The 2nd is PERSONAL NOTES, for whatever reasons we use those, we will have to note them on paper and do transcript when arriving at home, WOW paper again and so much time spend not doing caches but paperwork.

    Geocaching Calssic is working OK for a lot of IOS an Android versions. For you not support it is understandable. It is even OK to look forward. But for people that is still working OK it should be left on till at least the new software permit to geocahe without paper. It could be easily explain that is not working with IOS over ios 8 and Android ?, but oblige old geocacher to return to paper and home brew software for treatment before geocaching trips is not a nice thing to do.

    Also, there should be an easy option to allow or denied continuous looking for new caches on the web. If we load a list and want to work with it, it happen to move to internet and have new caches that add to the map and some disappear. Actually the only way to resolve this is to put the phone in Airplane mode but no more call with the phone. This feature of refreshing at all time is good for a fast geocaching game but no good at all with planned trips along a route or a bike road.

    Look a little more at what that must be there before terminate the classis apps. Work a little more in order to have a soft to do geocaching; you do too much regarding messaging; it is so easy to communicate with people in a lot of other ways then geocaching software but not so easy to get all what we need in order to do geocaching without paper.


    14,700 cahes done over 10 years.


    So we pay $10 for an app (expensive!), find it to be awesome and tons of fun, then are told, *PSYCH*, you actually can’t have all this fun anymore unless you pays us $30 MORE dollars — wait for it — EVERY YEAR! Yeah, “our app is old and needs to be shut down” — buncha bull. Groundspeak wants subscription revenue — cash they can forecast more easily and pretty up their quarterly statements with. They’ve lost sight of their customers and will regret it, if the tone of this message board is any indication. Very disappointing. People don’t like having the things they buy taken away from them without their say.

  • Imponert

    I’ve done geocaching since 2005, and been using the classic app for many years! Totally love the old one. So easy and intuitive to use! I’m struggling with the new one. It has a prettier look, but I don’t care at all about the looks! I want ease of use! Forget the animations! That should be the number one priority! I found the way you log trackables on the new one confusing. Sorry, but I just don’t like the new app! And I find it to be greedy that you now have to buy the premium membership to be able to find anything with a higher level of difficulty or terrain than 1.5. That to me is just GREED!!! If you want to prove that you’re not greedy, how about open the new app for all levels of difficulty and terrain for all users. Premium caches are of course just for premium members, as they’ve always been. Met a couple of other geocachers the other day. They were not happy with this decision either. Talked about disabling all their cahces or setting their level of difficulty or terrain to 1,5 or less, so most geocachers still could find them, and just write in the description what the real levels are. I now started using my old Garmin handheld GPS for Geocaching again. Downloaded all the caches in my area that I haven’t found. Time to go back to old style Geocaching again.

  • Adam Bradford

    If people can’t find my 1.5+ geocaches without buying a premium membership, I will be forced to archive them all; I wouldn’t be surprised if others do the same. Congratulations Groundspeak, you created a “Killer App”, the app that killed geocaching.

  • Tessa Hinzen

    I got really pissed off, because the old app shows way more geocaches if your not a premium member. The new app shows almost no geocaches. When I compare the two apps, the old one has more. So you forcing people to become premiums. It’ s not a better app, I suppose you just want more money. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go on geocaching. But sometimes you have to express your feelings. ?

  • Adam Bradford

    Found this interview from 2011 with Bryan Roth, President/Co-Founder of Geocaching HQ, where he said “We’re not looking to be bought, we’re not looking for funding….It’s not just a monetary function, we are custodians of this game. There are ways we could make more money, but that would change the game in really negative way. That’s not what we’re looking to do.” Looks like times have changed. It’s no longer about spreading the love of geocaching, now it’s all about making money.

  • Tom Spesick

    How do you log a trackable in the new app when posting a found it log for a cache?

  • Anna Travis

    Yeah, my kids and I used the new app today and were so frustrated! It kept putting the phone to sleep (less than a minute!), and every time we turned it back on, the map had zoomed back out to a wide view and we’d have to sit there and zoom back in. I have a Samsung, and the app did not automatically orient the screen so that the map turns when you turn. Definitly not kid friendly. And I was super disappointed that in order to navigate to all the caches, the new app expects me to upgrade to pro, because I already owned the $10 Classic app. To be honest, it makes me wonder how often the next app will be ditched and replaced, and I will be expected to upgrade! (I am not sure I will bother upgrading at all)

  • Anna Travis

    I agree with Patrick. If I buy a digital book from Amazon, they don’t send me a cute message saying there’s a new version out and they’ll be deleting my old one, but hey! I can buy the new one by following the link…!

  • Anna Travis

    Yup. 30 is too much for my family. Especially when it’s only good for a year! I’d rather put that money into hiking gear or a canoe or something I get to keep!

  • Patrick Fichter

    Are you OK with someone disabling your car after you paid for it? It did its job that the initial purchase covered! This is a crock, and even you know it. Nowhere on the Classic app did it mention buying a few months for $10. Our money is being stolen. Plain and simple.

  • Mark Johnson

    You can’t seriously compare a technology-stack dependant app to a car or similar object.

    To say your money being stolen is laughable. If you’ve successfully used the app at all it has served its purpose. I don’t recall seeing in the terms anywhere that the purchase was a lifetime purchase.

  • Mark Johnson

    Except an ebook is not dependant on a technology stack and nor does it need the same type of (costly) ongoing maintenance and infrastructure that apps require. I’ve seen a number of both paid and free apps deprecated due to substantial technology changes, both in app development and advancements in infrastructure technologies. Again, apples and oranges.

  • Patrick Fichter

    Incorrect choice of words, my friend. I DID compare the two. Thus, it’s entirely possible to compare the app (which I purchased to use as long as I saw the need) to a vehicle (which I’d buy for the same reason, to fill a need or want). Nevertheless, I see your point of view, and I can see it’s pointless to squabble over matters. Sorry if I angered you. Have a great weekend!

  • Anna Travis

    Actually I think it’s a pretty good comparison (Amazon and Kindle). Because when my ereader is old and outdated and I choose to replace it, Amazon makes sure that all my old books are on my newer, updated, technology stacked gadget, at no additional cost to me. And Amazon is the one making sure the new gadget can read the old books, so I think it’s pretty close!

  • Mark Johnson

    It might seem that way as an end user but technically though it’s vastly different. The software can perform data migrations for things like ePub formats.

    Having to maintain the code and tech stack for outdated application technology and infrastructure is very different and expensive, especially when the time comes to build with newer technology stacks.

  • BuckeyeRunner7

    I travel often and don’t always have service where I cache. This year I am visiting all 48 continental states and was relying on my offline list from the $10 app to help me along the way. The new app doesn’t support and welcome new cachers I bring along and is discouraging as it appears to be “too techy”, however, it seems to have less features available to me as before.

    This is a huge disappointment. I will still geocache in new areas, but this has DEFINITELY impacted the amount of time I will put into my stops and new adventures. It isn’t necessarily because I prefer the old app, but simply because the new app doesn’t support my personal geocaching needs.

  • Andrew Roughan

    One of my biggest gripes with the new App is the restricted visibility of caches to Terrain 1.5. This is more restrictive than the website which only restricts visibility to premium-member-only caches.

    If I can’t find a cache nearby I’m going to stop playing. Surely GS wants people to keep playing?