Core improvements to the Geocaching® app

The latest update to the Geocaching® app includes improvements to core functionality and an updated app icon. The new app icon now features the official Geocaching logo.

The 5.3 release includes a new settings screen to set your preferred distance units to imperial or metric and the option to turn off the 30 foot warning when approaching a cache.

Additionally, you can now add personal cache notes in the app and edit personal notes added on Geocaching.com. Cache notes can be added while offline and are saved with geocache details in offline lists. Personal cache notes are great for jotting down solved puzzle coordinates, details about a hide, or steps for multi-caches.

Lastly, we are now enforcing rules on only one found it, attended, webcam photo taken, or will attend per cache on the app and Geocaching.com. Attempts to submit duplicate logs on the Geocaching® app will automatically change to Notes. Read more about these changes here.

You can read about other small improvements and bug fixes in the Geocaching Forums.

Ready to get started? Download or update the GeocachingⓇ app from the Apple or Google Play store and join the adventure.

What’s your favorite update in the 5.3 release? Tell us in the comments below!