Core improvements to the Geocaching® app

The latest update to the Geocaching® app includes improvements to core functionality and an updated app icon. The new app icon now features the official Geocaching logo.

The 5.3 release includes a new settings screen to set your preferred distance units to imperial or metric and the option to turn off the 30 foot warning when approaching a cache.

Additionally, you can now add personal cache notes in the app and edit personal notes added on Geocaching.com. Cache notes can be added while offline and are saved with geocache details in offline lists. Personal cache notes are great for jotting down solved puzzle coordinates, details about a hide, or steps for multi-caches.

Lastly, we are now enforcing rules on only one found it, attended, webcam photo taken, or will attend per cache on the app and Geocaching.com. Attempts to submit duplicate logs on the Geocaching® app will automatically change to Notes. Read more about these changes here.

You can read about other small improvements and bug fixes in the Geocaching Forums.

Ready to get started? Download or update the GeocachingⓇ app from the Apple or Google Play store and join the adventure.

What’s your favorite update in the 5.3 release? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Breht Townsing

    You’ve got to remove the D/T restriction on the app. I am a premium member who hides caches both premium and non premium. This restriction means I am forced to “fudge” the D/T on some of my listings just so new players can experience a geocache that I would normally have given a higher difficulty or terrain

  • Erik_Los

    Something I definitely like is the fact that I can bring my notes within the app 🙂
    I like the option to switch on/off the proximity warning. Could it be possible? That if your notes yield coordinates the (let’s say) First coordinate is treated as your corrected coordinate?
    And also a little thing to point out … Is there a way to show the corrected coordinates on a map directly? Instead of going to the “waypoint” section and selecting it there?

    But where did the “G” logo go? Now the good ol’ 4 squares is back … Ah well to thigh it al to together I suppose

    But thanks for the good work! Keep it up and let the updates rrrrrolllll 😀 Big thumbs up!

  • nct

    If Basic Members don’t want to pay for Premium Membership, then they can forego the convenience of using the app. PM’s are paying for app development, website maintenance, and all other features that BM’s use. BM’s can still view ALL non-PMO caches on the website.
    “Fudging” your D/T ratings is not appropriate. If you want to create caches that BM’s can find with the app, then create hides that are 1.5/1.5 or less.

  • Vitor Sérgio

    Now, I’ll wait for the “filter out my ignore list” and “filter out my finds in drafts” at Filter section, for the 5.4 release

  • TechMed.PEI

    Thanks for letting us use Metric in app settings for we who have phones with no settings (yet) for measurement system. Keep up the great development work.

  • Frits Coenen

    The app is getting better with each new release. The personal notes is definitely is great feature.
    The one thing I would really like to see is an easy way to insert the time into my draft note, as I use that in my log later on.

  • Peter Bennetton

    Since all these so called improvements some of my cache finds turn back into a green icons and when using off line i have to tap the screen about three times before I can see the cache information . Thanks a lot I can live without all these improvements if there going to mess things up.

  • Beth Katz

    Limiting basic members to seeing info on 1.5/1.5 traditionals in the app is too restrictive. Many of us have paid for premium memberships for many years (12 years for me). That’s a lot of money. Cache owners create and maintain caches. We should be able to dictate who can see the caches. I sent a friend to a local park. She caches sporadically when she has time. She could look for only a few caches and not my multi or mysteries. HQ is being greedy. It’s obnoxious.

  • JeffS47

    Being able to access/add/edit personal cache notes a big plus. Keep going. Make it as good or BETTER than cgeo!

  • Doris Bader

    Can I have my money back for the old app. After all I can no longer use something I had paid good money for.

  • BigBadger

    While I was unaware of the D/T limit. It doesn’t bother me. If folk are either too cheap or just cannot afford to buy a GPS or pay the very reasonable $30/year then the limit seems fair. I agree that fudging the D/T is WRONG and should not be done. Not to mention too that there are several other geocaching apps that the ‘thrifty’ folk can use instead.

  • Heather Fooks

    I would love to be able to see the attributes on the app. Knowing whether or not I am expected to climb a tree for instance, is very helpful information!

  • William Aippersbach

    Attributes Attributes Attributes!!! This must be added to the app……there are a lot of dangerous things around some of the caches out in the wilderness that one must be aware of and be prepared for if you are using the app only. Please put this in the next update.

  • Markus

    The new app is definitely getting better but still has great potential for improvements. So when I tap “show my own (trackable) inventory” in an open cache window, I am not shown the few ones on hand but the long list of the ones I have ever possessed or discovered. Thanks for further improvement of the app.

  • Phildie Mertens Vandyck

    Great that you are still working on the updates and improvement of the app but when are you going to do something about making logging TB’s and Coins easier ?

  • Tammy Ravel

    Upset about the old app being taken away from me. I paid for that…I don’t go out geocaching often enough to warrent paying the
    yearly subscription, so now my daughter doesn’t get to go at all. She is devastated 😢

  • vaskebjørnsen

    Please make a setting for turning off the grouping of caches when zooming out on the map.
    It is very hard to get an overview of caches in an area when trying to plan a route.

    Also, really really would like to see attributes.

    I also wish D/T could be shown in the bottom next to favorites / distance / TBs, without entering the details page for a cache.

  • Axel Schiers

    I agree, the app is getting better.
    But there are a few (imho important) things missing:
    – Corrected coordinates (e.g. solved mysteries)
    – Attributes
    – D/T on the front page of a selected cache
    – synchronize the messages, if these are already read on the webpage they are still displayed as new in the app


  • robert brueton

    The app is certainly better than when i first used it. Would like to have the ability to sort lists alphabeticaly or by distance.

  • Wendy Gray

    It all sounds very positive thank you. One feature I would like to see implemented in a future update of both app and on-line website [and I appreciate it may not be an easy thing to code] is something to make it easier to plot the positions of caches one is placing to make a series, in particular a circular series. At the moment the only way to do it that I have found is on the phone to start with an existing cache and plot waypoints from it. That allows me to see it on the phone, but not on the on-line website map, where I can only see one at a time and I can’t see them in relation to existing caches, in particular existing finals of multis and puzzles I’ve solved. This makes it harder to avoid clashes.

  • Wal & Ol

    agree – being able to map corrected coordinates would be good – I can’t even work out a way to copy them and paste them into Google maps on our tablet 😐

  • Victor Wagner

    Every program I ever wrote (retired after 46 years) displayed it’s version prominently. or at least on the opening screen/conversation. It would be handy when others talk about a “new” feature in version 3.14

  • Geocaching HQ

    Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback. Currently, you can sort your Lists in the Geocaching® app by distance. To do this in the app, navigate to your lists and choose which one you’d like to sort. At the top of the list you’ll see “Sort by: Favorite Points.” Simply tap Sort By and options to sort by Geocaching Name, Distance From Me, and Favorite Points appear. Sorting by Favorite Points is the default but if you select a different sorting option it will remain “sticky” and become your default list sort. I will pass along your suggestion of alphabetically to the product team but I hope that sorting by distance is helpful to you!

  • Geocaching HQ

    Hi Peter, I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with our latest update, that’s certainly not the experience we want you or anyone to be having, after all you worked hard for those smileys! We’ve had a few other reports of this happening and our team is busy investigating the issue. Feel free to follow this thread in the Geocaching Forums for the latest progress updates on this issue. (http://forums.groundspeak.c… It would be great if you could provide us with a few details such as:
    * What device you’re using.
    * Which version of Android you’re using.
    * Any screenshots of the problem.
    Thank you!

  • Peter Bennetton

    Hi, I am using a Motorola Moto 4 which is android 7

  • Geocaching HQ

    Thanks! I’ve passed this along to our Product team. Please visit our Forums and search “Not showing all found caches” to view the thread where the latest updates are posted. Thank you!

  • Suepy58

    Can you please put back the options in advanced search for finding a specific cacher’s hides or for a series of caches such as chc150. There is nowhere I can find to do either of these searches. Would be much appreciated. Suepy58

  • Tuxzel

    Totally agree! The new grouping of caches has not helped whatsoever.
    I’m sure some like it but it would be far better if you could turn this function off if preferred. As you’ve already said, it makes planning a decent route virtually impossible.

  • Joan Gracyk

    I just updated the app on my phone and lost most of my smilies????????? What do I do now??????

  • AnnieLoups

    Please I would like to put in a plea for the ability to copy (and then paste) cache logs from the app. I geocache in France and Spain and it would be so useful to be able to copy other geocachers’ comments on a particular geocache, and then paste them into Google Translate.

    At present, I seem to be only able to copy and paste cache details not logs. I’m sure I’m not alone in geocaching in languages other than my native one and this facility would make this much easier. Thank you.