Four reasons to start using Project-GC

Project-GC is an official Geocaching HQ partner that aims to provide dynamic statistics for geocachers around the world. What started as a side project for geocaching friends quickly became a highly requested feature among geocachers across the globe.

Project-GC aims to enhance geocaching experiences by providing advanced tools and statistics. As an authorized API Partner, Project-GC doesn’t require a separate account, simply log in using your credentials. Once logged in, you have access to personalized statistics, challenge checkers, and more. We’re sharing four reasons to start using Project-GC to complement your geocaching adventures.

  1. “Top” Lists

“Top” lists are dynamically created statistic lists which you can modify by adding filters.

Start by choosing a base top list and then add filters such as difficulty, cache type, and location. If you’ve ever wondered, “who has found the most regular-sized Multi-caches in Los Angeles in 2017?” Project-GC can tell you. With so many filtering options, most geocachers can find themselves near the top of some list!

  1. Challenge Checkers

About a year ago the guidelines for Challenge caches changed quite a bit. Challenges now require a web-based Challenge Checker to be displayed on the cache details page. Project-GC is the only authorized site to host such checkers after partnering with Geocaching HQ.

With just one click, Challenge checkers let you know if you have fulfilled the requirements of the Challenge cache. In most cases, it will also tell you what you are missing in order to complete the mission. Challenge checkers are available for all Challenge caches published since 2016 and most historic caches, too.

Project-GC offers a paid membership for even more functionality and features. For example, all Challenge checkers will automatically run on your account in the background regularly to see which Challenge caches you have fulfilled and can log. Every time a Challenge cache is plotted on a map at Project-GC you will see small indicators in the corner of the Geocache icon that tell you if the challenge has been fulfilled or not.

  1. Profile Stats

Profile stats are very extensive personal statistics about your finds and hides. These stats can be displayed on your profile. These stats are refreshed regularly and range from your number of finds per year, maps of your finds, badges for your geocaching accomplishments, and much more. Have you ever wondered which of your logged geocaches has the most favorite points? Or your total cache-to-cache distance? All of these stats (and more) are available through Project-GC’s profile stats page.

  1. Virtual GPS (Project-GC and Geocaching Premium member feature)

The Virtual GPS system is like an online cart for geocaches while on You can add geocaches from Top lists or maps into your Virtual GPS and export them to a Bookmark list or a GPX file to import into your Geocaching device. A Virtual GPS can be shared between several users, making it a great tool for planning your Geocaching trips together with your friends.

From Jasmer challenge grids, FTF top lists, and an array of profile stats, Project-GC offers the tools and stats to take your geocaching to the next level. Just be aware that you don’t spend too much time on Project-GC pouring over all of the stats that you forget to go out geocaching!