Message Center now accepts additional file types

There are many good reasons to make use of the Message Center, because there is so much to talk about when it comes to geocaching:

  • It’s a great way to plan geocaching outings with your friends.
  • A good way to ask a friend for suggestions about the best geocaches in your area.
  • You can get a hint from the cache owner for an especially tricky hide.
  • And, because the Message Center is available in the Geocaching® app, you can submit your answers for Virtuals and EarthCaches right in the field.

We know that geocaching is better when players communicate with each other so we wanted to make that easier. The challenge, after all, should be in the adventure and not in the tools you use. That’s why we took some time to update and improve the Message Center.

With the latest update, you can now send file types such as pdf, doc, or docx* in addition to images to other geocachers. We also cleaned up the look to make it all about your content. If you like even less clutter, you can clean up your inbox by hiding any message.

*This functionality is currently not available in the Geocaching® app.

We added the ability to forward all messages to email. By toggling this setting “on,” messages you create in the Message Center on Geocaching.com and in the Geocaching® app will automatically be forwarded to your email. Forwarding messages to your email makes searching for previous messages much easier. To enable email forwarding, select the settings button in Message Center and check the Forward messages to email box.

Additionally, we made the Message Center a lot more reliable by fixing several bugs. There had been some irregularities with message being displayed as unread, that were read, and conversations out of order. These have all been addressed with this release.

Now you can concentrate on the content of your message – rather than the bugs. Let your friends know about the updated Message Center by writing them a message right now.

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  • Condor

    All wrong! The page is not responsive. It does not work through the web browser of mobile devices! Changing notifications I have not been notified today about new messages! Mobile access has ended so it will no longer be usable.

  • I don‘t see too much of a reason either to use this. Exchanging messages via profile or email is good enough. If I want closer contact I will use one of the common other messengers on the market anyway sooner or later. It‘s a waste to put resources in there — so many other „areas under construction“ to solve….

  • Dira McClintock

    The one feature I liked about Messages, ( when it worked) was that when you used it to message someone from their cache page it referenced the cache you were messaging them about, ie to send answers for an earthcache.. that has dissapeared ;( And it is either still very unstable or just not working as the name of the person I was messaging didn’t come up either. so had to go back to cache page and recheck their name and the GC code. Try again guys. This is from my Mac

  • azdave1

    A couple of major problems for me – I can’t reopen a message previously sent without going back to their profile, and I can’t cut and paste as I used to when I want to send similar messages several times to different geocachers.

    Looks like some bugs were created.

  • Uschibr

    Ich komme durch Geocaching mehr herumm und liebe es Punkte zu suchen aner ich möchte auch selber einen anlegen aber leider weiß ich nicht wie das geht

  • Annika

    Uschibr, gute Frage! Wir würden dich ermutigen, mindestens 20 Geocaches zu finden, bevor Du selbst einen versteckst. Je mehr unterschiedliche Geocaches Du findest, desto besser wirst Du verstehen, wie Du anderen Geocachern ein tolles Erlebnis bereiten kannst.

    Wenn du bereit bist, wähle auf der Webseite “Verstecke einen Geocache” unter dem Menüpunkt “Spielen” aus und folge den Anleitungen. Viel Glück!

  • Annika

    Condor, would you write us via our HelpCenter and let us know what mobile device and browser you were using, as this is not expected behavior. Thank you!

  • Annika

    Dira, thank you for reporting. We are currently working to address this issue. This functionality was not intentionally removed.

  • Annika

    Hi azdave1, thanks for reporting. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issues you are listing. If they still persist for you, please write us via the HelpCenter and let us know what operating system and browser you were experiencing these on. Thank you!

  • Condor

    HTC one M9, default HTC browser.
    The screenshot is the last point we get.


  • CareforBend

    I find that the message portion of the APP works sometimes and sometimes it does not. I click on “Send a message” and the message center opens and the recipients name does not show up in the active message side.

    Back and forth until it shows up 🙁

    Yesterday we were caching in Las Vegas, 4 bars showing, so we had a solid connection. It was a real struggle to use the APP. When navigating on the map, both the cache location and our location were moving independent of the map. No relation what so ever to where we or the cache was on the map. We had to continually close the app and at times reboot the iPhone to get things back in sync.

    djkfisher a geocacher with more that 7000 finds

  • Matt Barnhart

    Getting back into caching here in sw VA. Yes. Can’t wait to get started again and meet some fellow geocachers.