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Adventure is on everyone’s wishlist.

Geocaching Premium is the gift that gives long after it’s been opened. Share your love of geocaching with friends and family this holiday season with a gift membership!

You can introduce someone new to the adventure of geocaching, give a friend Premium features, or extend an existing Premium membership with a one-year Geocaching gift membership. In addition to supporting the game, Premium members have access to more features, more geocaches, and more adventure. Plus, gifting a Premium membership is one present they won’t have to wait for, since gift memberships are immediately credited to user’s’ accounts!

With a gift membership, your friend will enjoy all the perks of Premium membership, including advanced search, offline caching, and access to Premium-only caches. Your gift also supports the game by helping to maintain the website and mobile app, and provide community support. Basically, this gift will earn your some major Favorite Points.


Give the Gift of Geocaching

If you want to upgrade someone to Geocaching Premium, but prefer to have something physical for them to unwrap, check out the Premium Membership Gift Card, which can be purchased through Shop Geocaching or through select International Retailers.

  • JimRKY

    Funky Santa, Gimme Geocache in my sock – It rocks!
    Gotta cache all the day
    Funky Santa – leave some Geocoins tonight!

    Rudolph found a letterbox
    (He filled it – but we changed it – it’s OK!)
    Elves run round the Multi-cache
    And raise the Difficulty all day!

    Funky Santa – before you leave just one more thing
    Some bling – gotta Swag up my cache
    Funky Santa – leave some Geocoins tonight
    (Not choc’late!)
    And leave some Geocoins tonight!