Geocaching country souvenir: the United States of America

USA Geocaching country souvenir
USA Geocaching country souvenir

The United States of America the birthplace of geocaching.

At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million km2) of diverse geography, the United States has the most ecoregions out of any country in the world, making it an amazing playground for geocaching.

From the Atlantic seaboard, across the prairies of the Great Plains, to the Cascade mountain range in the Pacific Northwest, there are lots of unique geocaching adventures to discover.

While it is true that the United States is home to some of the oldest active geocaches that are still around, such as the oldest Traditional, Multi-Cache, as well as the oldest still existing cache with a three-digit GC code, there are plenty of other amazing caching adventures waiting for you from sea to shining sea.

Bridges & Arches of Central Park

Multi-Cache | GC17MX1 | by addisonbr | D 3 / T 2

This geocache is an epic, 32-stage Multi-Cache that takes you on a journey through Central Park in New York City. Each stage focuses on the bridges and arches of the park which are beautifully crafted yet often overlooked. Central Park covers over 800 acres (3.237485km²) of greenery and recreation areas in the middle of Manhattan, so prepare for a long (but pleasant) walk.

The Doctor Is In!

Traditional | GC6YDR6 | by Doctor Dolittle (Ron) and djwhouse (Dave) | D 2.5 / T 1.5

For this adventure, the TARDIS has touched down just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its ordinary Yale lock has transformed into a memory puzzle consisting of four lights which blink in increasingly difficult patterns. Cachers who travel with the Doctor must repeat the patterns perfectly. Only then are they rewarded with flashing lights, the signature TARDIS parking brake groan, and doors that open to reveal the famed “bigger on the inside” interior.

Mission 9: Tunnel of Light

Project APE Cache | GC1169 | by Project APE (maintained by Moun10Bike) | D 1 / T3

In 2001, fourteen geocaches were placed in conjunction with 20th Century Fox to support the movie Planet of the Apes. Mission 9: Tunnel of Light was one of those caches. Located about 60 miles (97km) east of Seattle, the container was placed by Geocaching HQ co-founder Jeremy Irish and the father of the geocoin, Moun10Bike. The cache was found more than 3,000 times, surviving minor disturbances for nearly 10 years. Sadly, after being muggled and going missing, Mission 9 was archived in June 2011.

After it was found by dedicated local cachers in October 2016, Mission 9 was reactivated at the 8th annual Going Ape 2017 Mega-Event on August 19th. It is now one of just two active APE caches, along with Brazil’s Mission 4: Southern Bowl.


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