Geocaching for all: Is your geocache accessible?

One of the greatest things about geocaching is that anyone with a smartphone or GPS-enabled device can participate in the activity. Whether you are a parent with young children, an extreme sports fanatic, or an individual with a disability, there are geocaches designed with you in mind. Attributes are one way to find these geocaches.

As a cache owner, you can help fellow geocachers determine whether your cache is a good fit for their needs. Simply add attributes to your cache listing. Attributes are icons that indicate what to expect on the geocache journey and at the cache location. “Recommended for kids,” “climbing gear required” and “wheelchair accessible” are just a few of the dozens of attributes.

Cache owners who are planning to add the “wheelchair accessible” attribute to their cache page or are debating whether their cache deserves a 1-star, 1.5-star, or 2-star terrain rating should reach out to their local Reviewer. Reviewers can help you determine the accessibility of your cache based on several factors such as distance to the geocache, the route surface and slope, route slope, etc. Just because the ground is flat does not necessarily mean that a geocache is wheelchair accessible, when in doubt, mark the terrain rating as 1.5 stars and explain the details on your cache page. 

The ability to rate caches based on accessibility is not limited to Cache owners; everyone can help. Writing thoughtful logs about your experience at the geocache can help future finders on their quest. Thank you for your efforts to make geocaching more accessible for all!